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Fancy Decorated Cookie Club

For all of your buttercream lovers this very special club includes our delightful, hand decorated fancy cookies and a yummy assortment of our popular buttercream frosted treats. Enjoy a delicious delivery of our FAMOUS and unique cookies 6 times a year with our convenient auto-delivery Frosted Cookie Club.

Each delivery is only $24.99 and includes 24 individually wrapped buttercream frosted cut-out cookies.
  • June - shipping now through 8.21.14
  • November - ships week of 11.7.14
  • February - ships week of 2.2.15
  • October - ships week of 10.20.14
  • December - ships week of 12.8.14
  • April - ships week of 3.23.15
The payment method used today will be charged for future shipments. All club deliveries are shipped to the same address. This special offer is exclusive of applicable taxes and shipping charges and cannot be combined with Promotion Codes or Reward Cards. Every day best value products are not eligible for free shipping.
Hand Decorated Cookie Club

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