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Gourmet Cookie Club

WOW! Cheryl's best are delivered every month - 12 times a year! A delicious and memorable gift idea perfect for any special occasion. Each delivery includes 12 individually wrapped cookies for only $12. Every delivery ships the first week of the month. OU D.

Flavors: December - Peppermint Chocolate, January - Cocoa Sugar, February - Chocolate Chip, March - Chocolate Mint Chip, April -  Sugar, May - Oatmeal Raisin, June - Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, July - Lemon Coconut, August - Peach Cobbler, September - Maple Brown Sugar, October - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, November - Snickerdoodle

The payment method used today will be charged for future shipments. All club deliveries are shipped to the same address. This special offer is exclusive of applicable taxes and shipping charges and cannot be combined with Promotion Codes or Reward Cards. Every day best value products are not eligible for free shipping.

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