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New Miss Grace Cake Club

Yum! This tasty club includes our FAMOUS Miss Grace Cakes plus, we’ve included a FREE Box of 12 Cheryl’s buttercream frosted cut-out cookies with each delivery! We’ve included yummy Gingerbread Cake for December + frosted Holiday cookies, Chocolate Cake for February + frosted Valentine cookies, Lemon Cake for April + frosted Easter cookies, Orange Cake for June + frosted Spring cookies, Pound Cake for August + frosted Summer cookies and Pumpkin Cake for October + frosted Halloween cookies.

ONLY $29.99 per shipment. That's over 25% OFF the regular price!
  • August - shipping now through 8.21.14
  • December - ships week of 12.8.14
  • April - ships week of 3.23.15
  • October - ships week of 10.20.14
  • February - ships week of 2.2.15
  • June - ships week of 6.22.15
The payment method used today will be charged for future shipments. All club deliveries are shipped to the same address. This special offer is exclusive of applicable taxes and shipping charges and cannot be combined with Promotion Codes or Reward Cards. Every day best value products are not eligible for free shipping.

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