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USDA Prime & Choice Steak Burgers - Stock Yards®
Product Code: 102327

USDA Prime & Choice Steak Burgers - Stock Yards®

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<p>USDA Prime & Choice Steak Burgers from Stock Yards® look like a hamburger but eat like a steak! So much more than just a burger,available in both Choice and Prime, these third and half pound patties are sure to impress.</p>


<p>USDA Prime is the top two percent of all beef produced in the U.S. qualifies for the USDA Prime grade. This distinctively superior beef contains the greatest degree of marbling, creating a tender and juicy steak with a buttery flavor.</p>


<p>USDA Choice is the most popular grade of beef for its well-marbled texture and butter-rich flavor, giving it an exquisite tenderness and taste.</p>