Cheryl's Store at Easton
Cheryl's Store at Easton

What’s your favorite cookie?
That’s what it says in our store window.

If you are already a Cheryl’s customer- you probably already have one! If you haven’t tried our cookies before, I invite you to come visit one of our stores to try a sample and find a favorite.

My favorite is the Sugar Cookie. Not the frosted cut-out sugar cookie mind you (which is the cookie that made us famous- and is AWESOME!), just the plain, round Sugar Cookie, which is so soft when you pick it up that it can’t help but smoosh in your fingers a little when you hold it. It makes you want to rip the package open and eat it right on the spot. It happens to me every time I fill the Sugar Cookie basket- I just want to eat one! I work in the Cheryl’s stores, where we get to help people find their favorite cookie every day. We also get to share samples with our customers every day, and you guessed it- whoever makes the samples gets to pick the cookie flavor! Of course they always pick their favorite. It’s not always the traditional flavors either; I’ve seen people take a sample as they walk by our store and turn around to come in and buy the cookie they tasted. Yes, they are that good, and yes, that’s why we sneakily tempt you with them by sampling. We fell in love with them, and we want to you to, too!

Create Your Own Assortment at Cheryl's Stores
Create Your Own Assortment at Cheryl's Stores

Getting a sample is just one of the reasons to come visit our retail stores. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit one of our store locations, you already know just how many flavors there really are, and how difficult it is to pick just one. It’s impressive, the wall of cookies. That’s what is most fun about visiting a Cheryl’s though, getting to pick out your assortment. You can find varieties you didn’t know we had and taste cookie flavors which are just available for the season. It’s so different than looking through our catalog or online. We provide you with a “cookie picking basket” to make it easier for selecting cookies, and those of us who work in the stores are your Cookie Specialists, there to help advise you on picking out the perfect present. It’s fun and it’s special. And you can get a cookie for yourself while you pick out your gift. What could be better than that?

Pamela Casto
District Manager of Cheryl’s Columbus Stores

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  1. salimah turner

    i adore the triple chocolate cookies and your brownies i wish you had a store in pittsburgh! yum and i also wish you were sending out samples for those of us who are not close

  2. Brenda Harris

    My son received a surprise box of your cookies from a former teacher. They were wonderful! I have to agree with you that the sugar cookies were my favorite. I am always on the lookout for great sugar cookies!

  3. Shakti b.

    Every cookie on those trays in “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  4. Marilyn Lauby

    I lived in Westerville, Ohio from 1985 to 2007, and do I ever miss my Cheryl’s cookies right around the corner from where I use to live. I sure wish you had a store in Florida! I have so many favorites, frosted banana nut, lemon burst, frosted cinnamon, and oatmeal raisin just to name a few. There is a box on its way to San Diego for my son whose Birthday is today! He is serving our country in the Navy!

  5. Love all the Cheryl’s cookies, but my very favorite is the frosted gingerbread. Followed closely by the frosted cinnamon pumpkin. YUM! I think I’m addicted! I think you need to open a store in the Detroit area.

  6. Dina Andrews

    You cannot go wrong with the iced buttercream. I can sit down and eat the entire box.

  7. Jessica Brack

    LOVE LOVE LOVE frosted buttercreams — ALL of them! I send them for gifts all the time and have gotten many people hooked on Cheryl’s!

  8. susan metzger

    Luv the frosted butterceams, favorite…..

  9. renay arrington

    My favorite are the strawberry and key lime butter creme cookies. they melt in your mouth.