(new logo …tasty!)
(new logo …tasty!)

Those of you that have been a customer of Cheryl’s for a while – probably noticed that we have undergone a bit of a transformation in the way that we look. I guess you could say that we have had a bit of a buttercream frosted makeover!  How delicious and wonderful for us and you.

Last year – we opened a new concept store at Easton Town Center here in Columbus, Ohio. We decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to polish up the old Brand and maybe reinvent ourselves just a little bit.

We decided after many discussions that we should go back to our “baking” roots. So we played around with names, fonts and baking instruments and just like magic – the Cheryl’s logo (with spatula) came out of the brainstorming oven. Along with the logo, came the concept store, a new “look” for our website and catalog. Plus, we have given our package design a bit of a fresh look as well.

(old logo…well it’s old)
(old logo…well it’s old)

Along with all of this creative Brand magic that has happened – we continue to tell our story of our how we started and where we are now. Continuing to deliver hand frosted cookies and desserts that originated in the kitchen of Cheryl’s Grandmother decades ago. We are an original and authentic Brand and love what we do.

We hope that you are enjoying our new look and feel! Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our buttercream frosted makeover. (yummy!)

Best Brand Regards,

Debbie Witt
Brand and Creative Development at Cheryl’s


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