Cheryl's Signature Bakery Sampler
Cheryl's Signature Bakery Sampler

 This week’s blog post is from Denise, our Marketing leader.

In honor of Cheryl’s Big Bake Sale here in Westerville, Ohio we thought it would be fun to give away 3 of our Signature Bakery SamplersAll you have to do is share your favorite Cheryl’s Bake Sale memory in 1-2 paragraphs!  We will select 3 winners at random.

What’s my favorite Bake Sale memory?  It was several years ago – long before I even worked here at Cheryl’s.  Upon arriving at the Bake Sale I was given a grocery cart – along with everyone else – to collect massive quantities of cookie dough, brownies, and cookies.  I purchased far more than one person could possibly consume in six months so ended up giving a lot away to friends and family!

Cheryl’s Giant Annual Bake sale is THIS Saturday, March 5 from 7am – 3pm at 1220 County Line Road in Westerville at the Windsor Bay Shopping Center. 

Stock up and save up to 70% off retail!

                                                                 Winner Status:

                                                                                          Surprise “1st Poster” Winner: #1 Written By Melissa on March 1, 2011 at 4:57 pm

                                                                                          Winner #1: #19 Written By Theresa on March 3, 2011 at 6:31 am

                                                                                          Winner #2: #21 Written By Sarah W on March 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm

                                                                                          Winner #3: #5 Written By Ashley on March 1, 2011 at 5:55 pm



  1. I WISH I had a Bake Sale memory! This sounds like an AWESOME event! I think you should expand your bake sale to other communities. I really could use some cookies and brownies (although my waistline shouldn’t!). Maybe I’ll be able to make the drive someday 🙂

  2. Although I have not had the opportunity to attend the bake sale in person. I consider my favorite Cheryl’s Bake Sale memory was when I purchased 100 frosted cookies decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles on-line to give to the cadets in my son’s squadron when they completed Basic Cadet Training (BCT) at the Air Force Academy. They loved the cookies! Up until they finished BCT, they could not have care packages so that made the package even sweeter.

  3. I have not had the opportunity to visit the bake sale in person, since I live in Michigan. . However, I do love Cheryls cookies and buy them all the time for a special “me” treat. I keep them stocked away and whenever I am having a rough day with my kids (ages 5 months and 3) I sneak a cookie and have a moment of calm, happy indulgence. 🙂 Yummy. . . .

  4. lisa tefft

    My memories with bake sales are never ending ,like the time I bought a cherry cheese cake(I was about 10) would not share ate it all was sick for days! I also do several bake sales a year with the music boosters for my daughters high school.I dip strawberries for hours! Chocolate covered strawberries are the most wanted sweet! I dream of dipping them ,cooling and selling! It sometimes becomes a nightmare! Ha! That said I love to send Cheryls cookies ,always told they are the best,sad to say I personally have never tried them ! I need to win them to try!You know how it is…I am a giver just never to myself!

  5. I wish I had a Cheryl’s bake sale memory. I’ve always enjoyed the bake sales that I’ve attended through school or sporting events. I can’t even imagine what one of Cheryl’s would be like. Grocery cart??? These much be a huge event. Ever think about taking it on the road?

  6. Charlotte LeBlanc

    My memories of bake sales are fond memories. I helped mom with the baking. Everybody liked our Chocolate caramel cake. It was always the favorite, and brought the most money for the fundraiser. We baked all sorts of things from cookies to pies to cakes. It was great. I wish I could bake one more time with my mom. I miss those days.

  7. My favorite memory is going to the fairgrounds and going up and down the aisles deciding what to purchase. That year the sale happened to coincide with my birthday so going and getting goodes was my birthday present that year. I just kept adding to the cart and getting all kinds of wonderful cookies and popcorn. I look forward to this sale every year.

  8. I have never been to one of your bake sales before. My first time trying Cheryl & Co. cookies was 10 years ago in downtown Columbus in the shop by the old City Center Shopping Mall. I remember loving them so much and my favorite one was chocolate chocolate chip. My recent Cheryl & Co. cookie experience was at the Easton store. It was close to Valentine’s Day. I was picking out 3 dozen cookies. When I was proceeding to the register to pay for them, a huge bunch of screaming people outside the store came running into Cheryl & Co. Someone had been shot outside of the mall. I ran to the back of the store immediately and waited for things to be safe. The employees said that it was okay for me to stand back there which was very comforting to me at the time. I am writing about my experience on here simply because in that moment of terror, the Cheryl & Co. employees at the Easton Store were so nice and helpful to all of us and to each other. I would go back to that store anytime again because the employees there really care about the customer and the customer’s safety as well as looking out for each other.

  9. Holly Middleton

    I don’t have a favorite bake sale memory because I this is the first time I have heard of it! If I had known about this before I would have been all over it! Cheryl’s cookies are THE BEST cookies, seriously. I am huge cut out fan and I am spreading the gospel of Cheryl’s cookies wherever we go. We are from Columbus and I grew up on Cheryl cookies. I crave them all of the time. My husband is a Marine and we travel and move a lot so we can’t get them as easily as we could when we lived in Columbus. Every time my parents visit from Ohio they are required to bring a dozen Cheryl’s cut outs with them. Every holiday they send us a box of Cheryl cut out cookies. When my hubby was deployed we even had Cheryl’s cut outs sent to Iraq and Japan for him and the troops. I will definitely let my friends and family back in Ohio know about the bake sale. Keep up the great work Cheryl’s Cookies, don’t change a thing!

  10. patricia white

    I love Cheryl cookies but we have to mail order them. I haven’t ever been to a Cheryl bake sale but it sounds like a great time! YUM 🙂 Having been a military spouse, we did a lot of bake sales to raise money for the troops. They usually go well. Setting up the yummy cookies and brownies from Cheryl’s would be great. If it is a bake sale, I bet it makes alot of money and alot of publicity for the company.

    When people that don’t know how good Cheryl’s cookies are try them, they fall in love. As more and more people try your cookies and other products they start to make orders and the company makes more money. Thanks for the great product 🙂

  11. I’ve never been to one of Cheryl’s Bake Sales, but it sounds like tons of fun!
    I have nothing but fond memories of our school bake sales. I always get drawn in by the delicious variety of all the baked goods and buy way too much. Then I go back the next day and do the same thing! I share what I can and try to remind myself that I could freeze some items. They never make it to the freezer. 🙂

  12. I arrive and get a cart and begin looking around. Everything looks so good. There are so many wonderful things to chose from. I have had the cookies before, so I am drawn to them and begin piling them into the cart until it is full. I LOVE the famous buttercream frosted jewels.

    I grab another cart, and make my way to get several brownies. I love chocolate. Then, I head to the cookie dough. Oh, my! I can buy presents. I can buy more for me, so when I run out I can make some. I finish filling my cart, then push my carts, with a huge smile on my face to check out. This is what my favorite Cheryl’s Bake Sale memory would be IF I had ever had the opportunity to attend one. 🙁

  13. Stephanie

    My sister, daughter and I go every year. Last year there was ice in the morning forecast so we were delayed getting there but nothing was going to keep us away from this sale. We were able to still get great deals and managed to fill up all three of our carts!! We love getting greeted with a frosted cut out to eat. My daughter is ten years old and enjoys going to this sale. She compares it to Black Friday. We enjoy all the good deals and it is always super organized. We stock up for the whole year and all the products freeze nicely. We LOVED the OSU cookie jar that you had last year. Cannot wait until Saturday since we are out of last year’s supply.

  14. I go to buy many cookies to send to the soldiers. I have two sons in Iraq right now.

    I usually go with my friend from work who buys cookies to sell at school to raise money for our Cheerleaders! We are so excited about the sale! Can’t wait til Saturday…

  15. I’ve only been to the retail stores but am looking forward to coming to the bake sale this year. It sound like going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, only this time its cookies of every shape, color and flavor.

  16. Tami Vollenweider

    I’v never been to one of your Bake Sales,but it sounds like it will be A Great Success! Plenty of times when I know their is one going on,I make a point of stopping by and buying some GOODIES! I always know it’s for a good cause and it’s worth helping out! Wish I was a little Closer!

  17. My Favorite bake sale memory is when I was in the Brownie Scouts and we sold all types of cupcakes, cookies, fudge, cakes, danishes, and donuts–it was soo much fun and I remember it like it was yesterday!

  18. This will be my first bake sale! All these years in Columbus and this is my first, can’t wait.

  19. I took my kids for the first time last year and it is like going to the amusement park for them. Worth the trip just to watch them circle the area with their eyes and mouths wide open. They told me I looked the same way in there. Oh, and we come home with a ton of stuff, of course!

  20. My favorite Cheryl’s memory is when I was in the audience, a few years ago, at the Martha Stewart show. Jim McCann was one of the guests. It was a time when Martha was starting a partnership with 1800Flowers. The giveaway, that day, was a tin of Cheryl’s cookies. My daughter was with me that day, so we came home with two large tins of the most delicious, fresh tasting cookies. The best part was that we were able to eat the cookies. We only eat Kosher food. Most times, when we get samples of food items, they are not kosher and we don’t get the chance to enjoy them. My entire family enjoyed the best tasting cookies we have had in a very long time. We have been loyal Cheryl’s customers, for our own enjoyment and for gift giving, ever since!!

  21. Leah Williams

    My favorite memory was when I *accidently* signed up to run my daughters school bake sale. Boy I was clueless. I had no idea how to run one, what would sell, how to price things. Nothing. Thankfully, I tried to keep prices low, wrap in small colorful packages, and use fresh ingredients. It worked, we sold out and made almost $200. Which was huge for us since it was our first sale. Now, my 10 year old has asked me to talk to our school and see if we can run a private one at school. It would be to raise money for our churches “food pantry” which now serves 160 familes in need. Who can not afford to even put food on the table. My daughter would like to raise enough money to buy them all a ham or something for Easter so they will not feel left out. So I will be pulling out my apron real soon! Blessings.. 🙂

  22. Jonathan Ammons

    I have attended many bake sales. I like it all. Not just cakes, but jams and jellies, pies, and candies. I would buy a little of everything, so we could all share it. There is nothing like homemade goodies. Too tasty.

  23. Sandy Spain

    My favorite memory of the Cheryl’s Bake Sale was eating the old-fashioned, cut-out buttercream cookies. In fact, my senses are still captivated with vivid memory of the flavor, the softness, the chewiness and the beautiful presentation of each individually wrapped cookie.
    This year my daughter, her fiance and I will be loading our carts at the annual sale for their upcoming wedding reception. You might say that Cheryl’s Cookies and Company will be one of their special guests of honor!

  24. Julianne Lodrick

    As a lifelong Westerville resident Cheryl’s delicious treats have been a part of my family for as long as I remember. My earliest memory of Cheryl’s was as a small child, at the former Columbus mall known as the Continent where my brother and I would be treated, on rare occasion, to a Cheryl’s cookie. I think that we actually split one between us! And the rule was we could get any flavor EXCEPT for the chocolate chunk as they were too messy for little children to eat!

    The fun continued when I was in college and my aunt used to send care packages of cookies at random, when we least expected them. I will never forget my roomates asking “what’s a Cheryl’s cookie?” I shared a few and they quickly understood the fascination!

    Last year for my brother’s 30th birthday I signed him up for the year long membership to the frosted cookie club. He lives in Chicago and eagerly awaited every shipment and called me each month when they were delivered. What a great gift that lasted the whole year through!

    As a young adult, and to this day, my family continues our love of all delicous Cheryl’s treats. We send them as gifts, order them for parties, and cannot resist stopping in to get one at our local malls. It is now a tradition for my mother and I to attend the bake sale each year. Aside from stocking up on treats and hunting for bargains, it is always a fun time and we look forward to it all year!

    • Julianne Lodrick

      also remember making up dozens of welcome boxes for guests who came from out of town for our wedding. We left many cookies, along with other products native to Columbus, to welcome them to our city!

  25. I went for the first time last year. I had always read about the sale in the newspaper but usually figured that it would be too chaotic or crowded to be worth my time. However, my 16 year old daughter managed to read the newspaper first this year, saw the ad, and begged me to take her. We went and it ended up being so much fun! We were to able to buy a bunch of products that we hadn’t tried before and she was able to get tons of cookies for all her friends! It was such an experience, and I can’t wait to do it again this year.

  26. My Cheryl’s bakesale memory is my one and only so far. My mom and I went shopping the weekend before I was having surgery. We heard about the sale and stood in line for about an hour to get into the store. Thank goodness for the samples as we were starving. Once we were given the shopping cart, we were so overwhelmed with the selection that our cart soon became full. I took some to the hospital to pass out to helpful staff after my surgery, which they loved. My boys also loved them and still 2 years later I am still finding frozen cookies. However, I believe it is time to restock and my mom and I will be there on Saturday to get more!!! I already have orders from my youngest son to let him know what kind of cookies are there. LOL if only he could see the variety.

  27. lisa hawkes

    I remember making a barbie cake with my dad for a church bake sale. Good times.

  28. Amy Leach

    I work very close to Cheryl’s on Maxtown Rd, and my best Bake Sale memory was several years ago. I was new, and didn’t know about the sale, but several of my co-workers brought back cookies. I had my very first Chery’ls Iced Sugar Cookie, and I was hooked! It’s now my favorite cookie, and I’m a baker, but there’s no cookie I bake that I like better.

  29. OMG! I look forward to this every year! My husband and I stumbled upon your sale years ago and we’ve been coming back ever since! Actually, I’ve told EVERYONE about it, so I usually have like three of my neighbors, their kids, my own kids, my good friend and her family, my parents…… get it, the list goes on and on! We all look forward to this event every year. We all buy too much and have trouble storing it in our freezers…which isn’t a bad thing. My one daughter’s birthday is in the spring, so one year I saved a ton on princess cookies you had. What a party hit!! Can’t wait until Saturday! Thanks Cheryl’s!!

  30. Elizabeth Smith

    I came to today’s sale and will be back again next year! I stood in line for 45 minutes but it was well worth the wait! My family LOVES the frosted cutout cookies, so this year we got a bunch of the frosted cutout cookies to keep at home, freeze and share with our family! Also stocked up on your cookie dough and icing. Your cutout cookies are the best!!!!

  31. I’ll share my facebook post from yesterday, it best explains my experience.
    “Ever stumble upon one of those sales so awesome that you are too dumb-struck to really dive in and score big, leave with way less than you should have, then suddenly realize that you were so blown away that you forgot to call you family & friends to tell them about it?
    Please accept my most sincere apologies, But, OMG! You should see what I got – WOW.”

  32. Pati McElroy

    My favorite bake sale memory is from high school. We were fund-raising for a trip to Canada for the band, and had entertained several different ideas….finally coming up with a bake sale. We had our parents do most of the baking…just to make sure what we were selling was safe to consume. The big day came, we were all set up, ready to start counting our profits….then….nobody showed! Seems we had put the wrong date on all our advertising! Lesson learned….bake and it doesn’t mean they will come! lol