Valentine Gift Boxes - Frosted HeartsCheryl’s is excited to officially start blogging!  We will have bloggers throughout the Cheryl’s team share their wit and wisdom about gift giving, delicious baked treats and of course free giveaways!  Speaking of which – we have Valentine buttercream cookies to give away to 3 lucky people that tell us what their favorite sweet treat is for Valentine’s Day and why.   The giveaway is Cheryl’s Valentine’s Day 12 cookie gift.

We will select 3 random winners! 

Let the sharing begin!

Winners have been selected:

Winner #1) Post #19  Written By Trisha Novotny on January 28, 2011 at 6:50 am
Winner #3) Post #1 Written By Annie  January 26, 2011 at 10:48 pm 
Winner #2) Post #10 Written By Gina  January 27, 2011 at 5:37 pm


  1. My favs are always the Ohio State tins and treats. No matter the season. No matter the sport. Always delicious. 🙂

    I send them to loved ones across the country. (I’d send them abroad, but you guys don’t have international shipping yet.)


  2. My all time favorite Valentine’s treat are sugar cookies with either vanilla or chocolate icing!! My middle daughter was born a few days before valentines day and I couldn’t get enough cookies! Now for her birthday we always have cookies along with her cake 🙂

  3. The best part about giving or receiving Cheryl’s cookies is being able to share after the gifting!! Cheryl’s cookies are the best for any occasion, but best for Valentine’s because it says Love and sharing and caring!!! And the reusable tins are always cute!

  4. lisa hawkes

    I am pretty sure I just drooled all over. And I am pretty sure I want some cookies! Those are by far the BEST Valentines day treat EVER!l You know you want to share with me! 🙂

  5. Sugar cookies have always been my fav since my mom made them only at christmas growing up. I would wait all year long for them! I could eat sugar cookies with frosting everyday and cheryls are amazingly good!!

  6. Christine M

    My fav Valentine treat is anything that is covered in buttercream. I have a serious buttercream addiction and find that it goes great with any and all desserts cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes you name it its good.

  7. Sara Humbert

    Typically, I am not a sweets person…at all. One day a few years ago, my colleague sent me some Cheryl’s cookies. I’m in Denver. I FELL IN LOVE. So, because I don’t like sweets, Cheryl’s frosted buttercream cookies are by far my only favorite ANYTIME sweet, no matter the holiday. I think it’s super sweet that y’all share yours cookies—I hide mine! LOL! Love me some Cheryls!

  8. My favorite sweet treat for Valentine’s Day has to be dark chocolate truffles…and Cheryl’s buttercream cookies of course! 🙂

  9. My favorite treat are rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate made by my daughter. I simply melt the marshmallows for her and walk away while she puts them in some kind of fun shape and puts sprinkles on them. Homemade items are always the best.. just like Cheryl’s treats.

  10. I have bought Cheryls cookies, brownies and cake slices for over 10 years now. The joy of sharing the Valentines cut-out cookies are that you know the recipent is getting such a decadent treat. Made with only the finest ingredients, and so gourmet, you can feel good about giving them. Why not keep some for yourself too !

  11. My neighbor is nice enough to share her Cheryl’s cookies with me. That is how I’ve come to become a fan of them. Chocolate is always a good Valentine’s treat, but cut out sugar cookies are a favorite of mine.

  12. I always look forward to buttercream hearts for Valentine’s Day, either from my mom or fiance. But last year I was dealing with gestational diabetes, and couldn’t have them. So my fiance bought them and put them in the freezer until after our daughter was born. As soon as we got home from the hospital, I DOVE for the freezer to defrost them! They tasted even more awesome because of the wait!

  13. I wish I could say that I have a favorite. I like all sweets.

  14. It would be hard to name just one sweet treat…
    I love homemade sugar cookies, which I enjoy all the more because my kids help decorate them. I also like Peanut Butter Dream (a delicacy I don’t personally make–we buy it from a restaurant in Corvallis, OR) and I love homemade caramels. Your cookies look beautiful and I’m sure they are delicious! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. My favorite sweet treat for Valentine’s Day is usually chocolates, but cookies would be a fun change of pace!

  16. Melissa O in DC

    My love affair with frosted sugar cookies started when I was just a little girl. It was something special my dad and I would do together. He died when I was little but every time I eat a frosted sugar cookie, I remember our times together and feel such joy.

  17. I like to make pecan bars in a heart shaped pan for my husband! Your buttercream hearts are also dearly loved! Have ordered your treats for years!

  18. I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day, despite the fact I always had “someone” to share it with. Something about the predictability of the flowers and the candies – it all seemed forced and over-commercialized and I hated al the fuss! I prepped my boyfriend of the time to completely ignore the holiday and I’d be perfectly happy.

    One year, he showed up at my work (on Valentine’s Day) with a box of a few dozen of Cheryl’s heart-shaped buttercream cookies. He sat with me through the rest of my shift and we talked the entire time, eating so many cookies that we ultimately decided against dinner. All two or three dozen of them were gone in less than a week between the two of us. I think it is safe to say Cheryl’s Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies have a special place not only in my memory but in my taste buds as well!!!

  19. Valerie Peace

    chocolate covered cherries, my grandma used to always but them for me and they now remind me of her.

  20. Lori Reinbolt

    I love Cheryl’s buttercream frosted cookies for Valentine’s Day or any holiday. Honestly, I could eat these cookies every day!

  21. Tami Vollenweider

    My Favorite Special Treat for Valentines is Chocolate Covered Strawberries!