If you browse our Mother’s Day collection online or in our catalog, you’ll see a number of really special gifts that will keep on giving long after the cookies are gone. You might know immediately which one will resonate with your Mom, but if you need a little help, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways she can use her keepsake for years to come.

Our Collector’s Edition Ceramic Mother’s Day Basket

This pristine, white ceramic basket stands 8-1/2” tall and is 9-1/2” x 8” wide. Mom might love using it:

•           On her desk to hold stationery or office supplies

•           By the front door to hold mail

•           In the kitchen, filled with fresh fruit, or as a catchall for keys

•           On her dresser to hold watches, jewelry or scarves

•           As a place to keep small crafting supplies

Our Flower-covered Tote

Elegant black tote is strewn with brightly colored flowers, guaranteeing smiles and going to work as:

•           A place to keep knitting or crafting projects

•           A shopping bag for travel; Mom can pack it flat in her suitcase and use it to hold souvenirs

•           A grocery or market bag she can keep handy in the car

Our Charming Adirondack Chair

Designed specifically to be used as a planter, our white wooden chair can also:

•           Hold paperclips on a desk

•           Hold whiteboard markers or chalk in the kitchen or office

•           Sit at the kitchen sink or in the bathroom to keep rings and other jewelry safe

Yes, we know. It’s a COOKIE jar. But it could also be:

•           An Accessories Jar

•           A Stamps and Packing Tape Jar

•           A Small Kitchen Utensil Jar

•           A Colored Pencil Jar

•           A Crafts Supplies Jar

•           A Cord Keeper Jar


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