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Whether your dad’s a handyman, a top chef, or a sports fanatic, no one wears as many hats as he does. So this Father’s Day, let pops sit back and enjoy the holiday in his own way. Don’t get him just any gift; treat him to something that he can not only devour but also use for his favorite relaxing hobbies.

Here are some practical and delicious Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad

For the dad who loves to play golf

Golf-Themed Father's Day Gifts

After a long week at the office, there’s nothing quite like heading out to the golf course to recharge Dad’s batteries. If teeing off is your father’s favorite way of loosening up, surprise him with a golf-themed gift he can use every time he feels like playing a few rounds.

  • Golf Cooler
  • Golf Cookie Flower Pot
  • Fore Golf Basket

For the dad who loves spending time outdoors

Outdoors-Themed Father's Day Gifts

From fishing to barbecuing to cheering on his favorite sports team at the stadium, your dad looks forward to doing anything that lets him breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors. Give him a present that he can take anywhere he goes, whether it’s on a boat or in the stands.

  • Fishing Basket
  • King of the Grill
  • Father’s Day Treats Box

For the dad who loves fixing things

Tool-Themed Father's Day Gifts

No leaky faucet is a match for this Mr. Fix-It! If your dad’s idea of weekend fun is hunting for new repairs to make around the house, then stock up his tool shed with a few new accessories, like a bucket for his collection of nuts and bolts or a pail to organize his hammers and screwdrivers.

  • Father’s Day Tool Box
  • Bucket of Brownies
  • Milk and Cookies Treats Pail

For the dad who loves reading comic books

Superhero-Themed Father's Day Gifts

POW! Nothing re-energizes Dad more than putting up his feet and flipping through his stacks of vintage comic books. Help him indulge his passion — and show him what a super dad he really is — with colorful hero-themed treats that he can munch on whenever he reads his favorite comics.

  • Super Dad Gift Box
  • Super Hero Flower Pot
  • Father’s Day Snack Basket

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