Nurturing Relationships” shares advice on how to stay connected with loved ones and spend quality time with those closest to you. Make Mother’s Day incredible with these four fun, family-friendly activities for the No. 1 mom or grandma in your life.

Whether you celebrate in-person or virtually this year, you can make Mother’s Day incredible with these fun, family-friendly activities for the No. 1 mom or grandma in your life!

Photo of family making Mother's Day cards
Create a custom bouquet to give to Mom or send to Grandma, with hand-drawn flowers from her favorite artist!

Mother’s Day Flowers

Making a gift from the heart is the perfect way to thank Mom — or Grandma — for all she’s given over the past year. You can easily download our Mother’s Day Vase template and “pick” your own flowers to put in the vase and give to her on Sunday.

You’ll need:

  • Printer paper
  • A home printer
  • Markers, crayons or paint


Download our Mother’s Day Vase template, and then print a copy for every member of your family. Print out extra copies to send a special bouquet to Grandma! Next, decide which type of flowers your mom would like best. Does Mom have a favorite kind of flower you can draw for her? Or would she like a variety of colorful flowers? You can look up photos online for inspiration as needed. Next, use markers, crayons, or paint to create your flowers for the vase. Finally, present all your bouquets on Mother’s Day so Mom has a token of your love and appreciation that will last all year.

Photo of family watching a movie together
Take Mom to the movies this year, even if virtually, by hosting a movie watch party with family, friends, and her favorite films!

Movie Watch Party

Even if you can’t gather this Mother’s Day, you can still spend quality time with Mom by taking her to the movies — virtually! You can also invite her friends and family to join the movie watch party, by using Netflix Party or Disney Groupwatch to watch a movie together remotely.

You’ll need:

  • App like Netflix Party or Disney Groupwatch
  • Movie snacks for you, like popcorn, candy, or Cheryl’s Cookies
  • Movie care package just for Mom, with all her favorites
  • Your mobile device


First, pick a day and time for your movie watch party. Next, invite Mom and her closest friends and family to join the fun. Make sure everyone downloads and logs in to the app you choose (like Netflix Party or Disney Groupwatch) so you can text back and forth during the movie and stay connected from a distance. 

On the day of the party, prepare your movie snacks, and make sure Mom has her favorites on hand. If Mom attends the movie party virtually, send her a movie care package ahead of time to make her day! Let Mom pick her favorite movie, and then have fun watching together and texting as a group during the film.

Photo of a virtual garden party
Make Mom the guest of honor at her own virtual garden party, complete with family, friends, and a cocktail toast this year!

Sunday Garden Party

The April showers are over, and now it’s time to enjoy May flowers in the garden with Mom. Invite her favorite people to join your virtual or in-person garden party as special guests. For extra fun, make it a surprise party on Sunday and get your guests in on the secret! Be sure to prepare a speech, paired with her favorite cocktail, so you can toast Mom and tell her how much she means to you on her special day. 

You’ll need:


Start by planning your guest list, adding Mom’s favorite people to attend her garden party. Next, send out your invitations and any special instructions for a surprise party. If you plan to host a virtual garden party, make sure your guests download and log in to the video chat app you select (like Zoom or Google Meet) before the party starts. 

On the day of the party, have the cocktails ready for when Mom arrives. Raise a glass to honor her on her special day, share your speech, and don’t forget to take photos so you have memories of an incredible day!

Photo of sending a Mother's Day ecard
Say ‘I love you, Mom’ instantly with our collection of fun and free Mother’s Day ecards!

Virtual Hugs

With our free Cheryl’s Cookies Ecard collection for Mother’s Day, you can easily send Mom a virtual hug, just in time for Mother’s Day. Visit our Cheryl’s Cookies Ecard collection online and select a greeting card as unique as Mom. Add a message to personalize your Mother’s Day card, fill out the Sender and Recipient fields, then hit send — for instant digital delivery!

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