Pride Month is all about celebrating and honoring the people who have fought and are fighting for equal justice and opportunity in the LGBTQ+ community.

To celebrate Pride Month, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. joined forces with GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization, to help create a world where everyone can live the life they love. The 2022 Pride Collection features 14 specially curated items to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride.

“This year’s Pride Collection, which is consistent with our company’s belief in inclusivity, was a collaboration between our different brands, utilizing ideas from our merchant, product development, and graphic teams to create a very thoughtful array of gifts,” says Scott Jensen, Vice President of Product Development and Merchandising at DesignPac, a division that designs and handcrafts gift containers for the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. family of brands. Now through June 30, the company is donating 20% of net proceeds* from all purchases from this collection to GLAAD. To further support the LGBTQ+ community, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. made a $25,000 donation to GLAAD.

In addition to purchasing one of these products to show your Pride, you can support the LGBTQ+ community by making a cash donation to GLAAD to help create a world where everyone can live the life they love. Shoppers can donate directly from the Pride Collection page or at checkout.

Of the 14 items, some of Jensen’s favorites are the Cheryl’s Cookies Party in a Box, the gorgeous multi-color Magnificent Roses from, and Pride Cake Pops from Harry & David, which he says are great for any type of celebration.

Here’s a selection of gifts from the Pride Month collection.

a photo of pride month gifts with artisan iced cookies

Pride Artisan Iced Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. It’s a scientific fact, right? These small-batch cookies are made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, considered the highest-quality vanilla in the world. Each cookie is beautifully decorated with rainbows and other Pride symbols and come in batches of either five or eight cookies.

a photo of pride month gifts with kaleidoscope roses

Magnificent Roses® Preserved Kaleidoscope Roses

Prepare to be wowed when you untie the blue ribbon on the hat box-style container and open it to reveal the most aptly named flowers: magnificent roses. These polychrome roses are hand-picked from farms around the world, and each petal is color enhanced. Since the blooms are preserved, these roses do not need watering; they will last throughout Pride Month and beyond for up to a year.

a photo of pride month gifts with you are awesome cookie tin

You Are Awesome Mini Treats Tin

They may be called mini treats, but what is inside this tin is mega delicious! This awesome tin lives up to its name, with such amazing cookies as chocolate chip, buttercream frosted (a Cheryl’s mainstay), and one frosted with a rainbow. After you have eaten all the cookies, do not be surprised if you find yourself using the tin to store more cookies in the future.

a photo of pride month gifts with pride month gift box

Pride Month Gift Box

Pride Month is a celebration, and this gift box helps make it a delicious one. Share the love throughout June with such treats as yogurt-covered pretzels, gummy confetti drops, rainbow marshmallow pop, shortbread cookies with orange sanding sugar, and Harry & David signature truffles.

a photo of pride month gifts with a pride blanket

Pride Love Is Love Personalized Blanket

Fleece blankets like this one are perfect for cozily watching a movie with your loved one (don’t forget the popcorn…), or talking, or even taking a nap. It is also the perfect size (50″x60″) to be a throw blanket on your bed. The blanket is silky, soft, and cozy. What else can you ask for?

a photo of pride month gifts with pride popcorn

Tins With Pop® Pride

Remember that movie we mentioned where you should watch it while wrapped in a fleece blanket and eating popcorn? Well, this is the popcorn that complements that movie-watching event. Each piece of gourmet kettle corn pops with so much flavor, you’ll be hard pressed to pick a favorite. 

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*“Net Proceeds” is defined as the gross sales price of the product less any and all taxes, service charges, shipping and handling charges, discounts, gift certificates, promotional gift certificates, promotional offers (e.g., airline miles, points, e-money, etc.) credits, rebates, chargebacks, refunds, credit card processing fees, and gift certificate cancellations. GLAAD is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – EIN 13-3384027

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