NEW Easter Cookie Sampler
NEW Easter Cookie Sampler


Spring is finally here!  Flowers, green grass, sandals and warmer temps! And of course with Spring comes awesome Easter gifts from Cheryl’s.   Cheryl’s has a $9.99 6-count sampler with buttercream frosted spring favorites… flowers, chicks and eggs!

Would you like one?  I want to send you one! 

In 1-2 paragraphs tell us what family traditions you have to celebrate Spring or Easter! 

We’ll choose FIVE winners!

And the winners are….

Winner #1: Post #4 Written By andrea mcmahon on April 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm
Winner #2: Post #10 Written By megan on April 13, 2011 at 8:57 pm
Winner #3: Post #15 Written By The Rod Family on April 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm
Winner #4: Post #24 Written By Amanda S. on April 18, 2011 at 2:28 pm
Winner #5: Post #6 Written By kathy chambers on April 13, 2011 at 7:14 pm


  1. Easter baskets and egg hunts! Mass and a huge family dinner with all the relatives. I love celebrating Easter!

  2. Lori Craig

    I love everything about Easter. We usually attend a sunrise service on Easter morning that is so emotional and meaningful. Then we return home to see what the Easter bunny left in the baskets. And around noon we have the family over for Easter dinner. I still can’t get my ham to turn out like my grandma’s. From dyeing eggs to hiding them in the backyard (the kids are too big for regular egg hunts now but still get a kick out of finding the prize egg), to watching “Easter Parade” on TCM, I love everything about this wonderful holiday.

  3. Pam Catanzarito

    My family tradition is making homemade peanut butter eggs to put in family and a few friend’s Easter baskets. On a Saturday close to Easter, my grandparents, mom & I would make these eggs. We would melt chocolate, put the chocolate into egg molds and then put them in the freezer, while that was freezing, grandma would mix the peanut butter filling – sometimes giving me a bite along the way. We would then put them into the molds and cover with more chocolate and back into the freezer they would go until they were ready to be taken out of the molds, so more could be made and eventually put into Easter baskets.
    My grandparents passed away within three months of each other in 2004, but the tradition continues with my mom, sister-in-law, and nieces & nephew & I. It wouldn’t be Easter without these homemade peanut butter eggs!

  4. andrea mcmahon

    Easter morning we get dressed up and go to church. When we get home I make the kids take pictures which they LOVE.. LOL then we get changed start a nice spiral ham dinner or leg of lamb. and color easter eggs. We go outside and find the easter eggs the easter bunny left for us and have fun eating chocolate while the eggs dry and the ham cooks.

    I love spending time with my family esp around the holidays. I have a bad back so find it hard to run around like the kids want to so we make it up by coloring eggs and making choco lollipops..

    It is a nice relaxing day

  5. Stacey Miller

    Easter Traditions are always full of birthday celebrations around me! My beautiful mother turned 70 on April 11, my wonderful husband celebrates tomorrow (April 14), and out of my mom’s 8 siblings, 6 of them also have April birthdays! (We kid them that July was a great month for Grandma and Grandpa, wink/wink!) We enjoy a big birthday party/Easter cookout for everyone and welcome them with open arms. My oldest uncle, Lloyd, (age 84) always says the perfect blessing.

    My hubby and I have a two year old son, so this is the first year we will experience the egg coloring and hunting! I can’t wait – though my son loves eggs, so, I think we may have a terrible two’s tantrum if he doesn’t get to eat one right away! I wish everyone a VERY HAPPY and BLESSED Easter!

  6. kathy chambers

    Well, this year I have a grandbaby so I am going back to the old tradition of when I was a kid, The egg hunt, Mass, family, friends, good food. Oh and cant forget the dressing up part havent done it in so long, so this will be the start of an old tradition for our family. It would be great to have something new like your cookies to be a part of our tradition.
    Thank you

  7. Each year my family and I host a Easter Egg hunt for the smaller kids and a scavenger hunt for the older kids. The adults sit around and enjoy family. Everyone brings a dish and we just enjoy each others company. We die eggs, we stuff plastic eggs, we help the little ones color and have a great time. This year I am having the adults do a scavenger hunt as well for a home depot gift card. Sometimes its so hard to get everyone together but I make sure I plan way in advance and send out evites so I make sure we all get together. Cheryl’s cookies would be an added treat to our traditon this year!

  8. We color eggs for Easter and have an Easter Egg Hunt. Also, I make Easter baskets for my kids.

  9. lisa tefft

    Church then to the nursing home to pass out candy to all the elderly residents!

  10. Our Easter traditions include new Easter dresses/hats for each of my little girls, decorating our own Easter baskets, dying eggs, participating in our community’s Easter egg hunt, having a traditional Easter dinner at home, and, most importantly… seeing the look of excitement on my daughters’ faces as they wake up to filled baskets from the Easter bunny. I love watching my three year old tear into a chocolate Easter bunny with wild abandon. 🙂

  11. When I was growing up, my family would hand-decorate Easter eggs the week before with those wonderful Paas kits. The smell of vinegar is forever associated with Easter in my mind! The Easter bunny would leave plastic baskets full of chocolate and a small gift, and would hide our eggs around the house. We would dress in our Sunday best–the younger I was, the more likely that would include a bonnet and white gloves–and go to church. Then that night my mom would could a lamb roast. It’s funny how so many memories are centered around specific foods!

    Now that I am married and out of the house, I am trying to start new traditions. My husband gets a multi-course breakfast and a milk chocolate Easter bunny. I get a dark chocolate one for myself. In the afternoon we visit his parents and relive the fun with his great-nephew toddler. Cheryl’s buttercream cookies are my all-time fave, I’d love to add them to this year’s Easter!

  12. When I was a kid, my favorite tradition was the Easter egg hunt at my grandma’s. Of course, our eggs were plastic ones filled with candy, being the sugar-loving family that we were! The best years were when the weather was good because we could have the egg hunt outside. But the indoor hunts were good too. We didn’t know my grandma’s house absolutely inside and out like we knew our own, so we had fun searching under all the furniture for goodies!

  13. We always go to the local park with the kids & take pictures with the easter bunny. We also do our yearly egg hunt & easter dinner.

  14. Stephanie

    Each year my daughter and I color Easter Eggs together and do a Spring Photo Shoot in her Easter dress. Looking forward to the late date of Easter to be able to enjoy all things outside Spring!! We enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt at my Mom’s house each year with my nephews where each of the four grandkids have to hunt fifteen eggs a piece. It has created great family memories each year. Traditional food and fun year after year. Happy Easter Blessings!

  15. The Rod Family

    I have a 3 year old and we are trying new family traditions!!!!! I have always done the same thing year after year with my family go to church, come home, eat dinner, and have an easter egg hunt for the kids. Now that I have my started my own family I am trying different things especially this year…..In december my husband had a stroke so I have a NEW out look on life. We are happy he is alive and living life to the fullest! So this year for Easter we are spending it as a FAMILY doing all things together! We are going to color eggs with our son on Saturday and then on Sunday we will go to church as a family and be thankful and grateful to all be there together! Easter to me is all about my family and having my husband alive and well! Happy Easter to all and many more blessed holidays!

  16. Well as the weather changes to spring we have one tradition in our home. It starts with the spring cleaning. We aren’t the best housekeepers, so there is a lot to do. Then when the house is clean enough to feel comfortable hosting guests, we invite my lovely mother in law (she really is awesome) for a Spring/Easter brunch. We have Swedish Pancakes with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream. I usually have a gourmet sausages or bacon as well and strong fresh brewed coffee. My husband gets a few bunches of tulips and we have them as the centerpiece. I insist my MIL take the flowers home with her when she leaves. We have done this for the last 4 years or so, so I guess now it is a tradition.

  17. Every year at Easter we go to Great Granny’s cottage to celebrate. It is a great tradition and excuse for us to get out to see her and it gives the girls specials memories that they will always have with their great grandmother. (They are so fortunate to have been able to make so many memories with her. I never really knew my great grandmother.) We go over to visit and go to church together. We also go to an Easter egg hunt. We’ve been doing this since my oldest (now 6) was only 1. They’ve actually been asking when Easter is for a while now (since it is so late this year). While there, we also spend lots of time playing at the parks there.

  18. Hiding easter baskets. No matter how old the kids get they still love it

  19. Decorating eggs and making home made Easter baskets filled with treats from The Easter bunny has always been A tradition.Then a family dinner with ham and all the fixins’ followed by an Easter egg hunt!Fun for all ages and a great way to spend time with loved ones 🙂

  20. Margaret Porter

    When my child was smaller I loved hiding eggs and seeing her eyes light up with her Easter basket goodies. Now Im a grandmother and I enjoy seeing my granddaughter, daughter and son in law on Easter at church. Then we have a nice Easter dinner. We spend good family time while enjoying my granddaughters egg hunt and her delight over her Easter basket. Yes I sneak some little goodies in for her too. 🙂

  21. I bring back loads of chocolate eggs from Belgium and we have a big easter egg hunt and then we eat a small piece of chocolate after lunch and dinner as dessert for a whole month.

  22. There are a whole mess of kids in my extended family, so every year we have a huge Easter egg hunt for the kids at my sister’s house. While the kids are hunting eggs outside, we hide Easter baskets inside and cook Easter dinner. This is always a good time for everyone.

  23. Erica Best

    we have Easter dinner as a family and go to church on Easter Sunday.

  24. Amanda S.

    One Easter tradition I remember is that my Dad used to hide our Easter baskets for my brother and I to find Sunday morning. We had to rank our desired level of difficulty the night before, and he would hide accordingly. The theme of strong competition in our household is not lost, even on Easter Sunday, as we would confidently challenge our father every year to stump us. Inevitably, the quest for candy would end in tears as either I would find my brother’s basket first (and mockingly not reveal the location of course) or vice versa, or worse, we would both be candy-less after seemingly hours (10 minutes) of desperate searching. One year, Dad actually hid my basket under the empty garbage bag lining of the kitchen garbage can. I think my 8 year old brother may have cried first, unable to locate his goodies in the back seat of the locked car in the garage. After that year, indoor (and other) parameters were set, and Dad eased up on us, satisfied with his victory in this area.

  25. Well, we used to all get together in Columbus at my aunt’s house, but that entire generation has passed on now. The kids are all scattered to the winds, and don’t get together at all now. Those were good times though; family, church, ham with all the fixin’s, and a backyard egg hunt afterwards. Maybe some frosted cut-outs would make me feel better…

  26. When I was growing up, Easter was nearly as busy and full of tradition as Christmas.
    Sunrise Service, Easter Egg Hunt at Church, Sunday School, Regular Church, Drive 100 miles to Grandma’s house for dinner, another Easter Egg Hunt and naps for everyone, including the adults.
    Travel 20 more miles to another grandma’s for dessert and visiting. We would get home around 10 PM. My poor dad must have been exhausted.

    Now, we just go to church, have friends and family over for a Ham Dinner, then the teens dig in to their Easter Baskets and go to work. It’s still fun, but way more relaxing!

  27. nikki wilson

    Generally we all wake up to Easter baskets full ofgoodies and somebody always eats the ears off a bunny bfore we even make it out the door. We always go to church even though my family all goes to seperate churches we meet at my Mom’s for Easter Sunday. Then, lunch and a nap. After everyone has recooperated we head to “Meemaw’s” for an Easter Egg hunt and Easter Dinner. It is fun to watch the kids play and the adults steal chocolate when they are not watching.

    twilson 107 at cox dot net

  28. Elle Kaye

    My son turned 7 on April 7, so this may the last year he believes it the Easter Bunny. His Easter basket is filled with candy and art supplies this year.

    After he opens his basked, we’ll go to my parents house (he’s the only grandchild!) where he’ll discover the Easter Bunny also left a basket for him there!

    Then my husband, son, parents, sister and I go to a wonderful brunch at the same restaurant we’ve been going to on Easter for years.

  29. I love hiding the eggs and watchings the kids search. We always go to an Easter service on Sunday and enjoy a big dinner with the family afterwards. My favorite part is coloring the eggs.