Summertime Treats Pail
Summertime Treats Pail

Finally, it’s here – good ole’ Summertime!!! 

Summer is filled with so many wonderful outdoor gatherings with family and friends – cookouts, picnics, fireworks, family reunions, pool parties! And of course, we all know, these gatherings are made even better by sharing food and desserts with the people we love.

So, in the spirit of Summer, we would like to know what is your favorite Summertime sweet treat and why.

We will be giving away 3 of our festive Summertime Treats Pail filled with our delicious buttercream frosted citrus and fruit cookies.

To enter, let us know, in 1-2 paragraphs, what your favorite Summer sweet treat is and why.

Happy Summer!
And the winners are….

Winner #1: Written By Cj Sargent on June 30, 2011 at 8:46 pm
Winner #2: Written By Amanda Frint on June 30, 2011 at 11:53 pm
Winner #3: Written By Heidi on July 7, 2011 at 2:48 pm


  1. I love Key Lime Pie and (soft, not crunchy!) chocolate chip cookies! Key Lime Pie is so refreshing in the summertime and chocolate chip cookies are just an old time favorite that are good any time of the year!!!

  2. Dana Abney

    I fell in love with Cheryl’s cookies (all of them of course) that they are now my “go to” gifts for everyone. I love sending the red, white, and blue sugar cookies to my niece and nephew who live over 900 miles away as a little mid-summer treat. They’ve already called me stating that I’m the BEST aunt in the world!!!!!!

  3. Elle Kaye

    Blueberry pie is my favorite summertime dessert. Although these citrus cookies look like they can give blueberry pie a run for its money!! We are members of the Cookie of the Month club and would LOVE to give these a try!!!

  4. Salimah turner

    I love fresh fruit like watermelon and strawberrys! But your cookies are good year round!

  5. My Favorite summertime treat is Strawberry Shortcake with fresh strawberries! So Yummy! Although Cheryl’s Buttercream cookies are delicious I can never seem to get enough of them!

  6. chris teegarden

    I love the buttercream cookies the best. The ones that look like flowers are SO cute. <3

  7. Emily Dudley

    I love a mint chocolate chip waffle cone! The smell of the cones reminds me of when my grandma and grandpa would take me out for ice cream when I was little!

  8. JudySymalla

    Citrus and fruit cookies sound amazing. I love citrus from lemons to grapefruits. Another summer favorite is rainbow jello (citrus flavors, of course.)

  9. Homemade ice cream! Put on a warm brownie or in-between 2 cookies and make an ice cream sandwich, mmm! My kids love helping me make it!

  10. Jaleel Harris

    Any kind of butter cookie and banana pudding.

  11. My favorite summertime sweet treat is watermelon. I love the juicyness of a nice ripe piece. We always have some in the house and its such a great alternative to other snacks that may not be so healthy for you.

  12. Susan Byczko

    These pails are the perfect welcome to summer treat! I would love to win one!!!!!!

  13. Hard to pick just one favorite………..Cheryl’s cookie deliveries have become a tradition for our grandchildren for various holidays and they are the best critics………..”we love them all, Grandma!”

  14. Sarah Biegler

    I am a HUGE fan of fruit pizza….there are so many different toppings that can be used, you’re sure to find something for everyone! The bonus of the whole thing is that the crust is a chewy sugar cookie. Perfection!

  15. Mikey Eberhart

    Hard to pick just one especially if they are Cheryl’s Cookies. They are all so good. I’ve been eating and giving them as gifts for a long time. Now I’ve started my little Granddaughter’s on them. The 3 year old gets so excited when she sees your box at their front door. But, my all time favorite would have to be the Sugar with Buttercream Frosting.

  16. The summertime pail is adorable. Cheryl’s cookies are a perfect sweet pick me up treat and my 2 kids love them too! Winning one would be awsome!

  17. Peppermint- it’s cool and refreshing- and hard to find in the summer! Usually it is a “limited edition” for Christmas time- but to me- it makes more sense in the hot summer time! Drinks, ice cream, cookies, brownies, pies…whatever! Bring on the peppermint!

  18. Jerri Malone

    A pail of anything Cheryl’s would be the best of the best treat. I love the buttercreams in any flavor.

  19. My favorite summer time treat….. fresh frozen pineapple sticks dusted with powdered sugar. I know I know — but as a kid, my neighbor (a mother to 9 – yup count em 9!) always had the greatest ways of making something AMAZING with nothing and not just her crew– but the entire neighborhood!
    Fresh pineapple, peeled, cored then sliced about 1/2 inch maybe more – get those wooden skewers (not just for shish-kabobs) skewer then place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet — fill cookie sheet with “pops” (don’t let them touch btw) place in freezer til frozen, remove, dust with powered sugar and if you want to get really fancy schmancy – at the top of the top if there was a bit of the skewer peeking through she place a cherry on top, or a strawberry or a blueberry 🙂

    I know there is all sorts of fancy things … but sometimes the sweetest tastes, the sweetest moments are the most simple ones too.
    Happy Summer y’all

  20. Kelly Wiesner

    Brightly colored frosted sugar cookies shaped like flowers or flip-flops.

  21. My favorite summertime sweet treat is fruit salad. So fresh and sweet and it reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandma would make it for me… she was the best grandma in the world and I’d do anything to just enjoy one more summer with her. She also always had homemade cookies and brownies waiting for us when we’d come over… now that she’s not around I bring my Grandpa cookies and his face lights up… after 55 years of marriage he now has to buy store bought cookies and they are not the same.

  22. strawberry shortcake…oh but good ole’ ice cream does it too…or smores by the campfire…too many to pick! Strawberry shortcake because of the sweetness…ice cream because of the memories it brings back from my childhood…smores because it’s a family thing we do together.

  23. Mine has to be watermelon. The price is right, the health benefits are wonderful, it’s juicy, refreshing and tastes delicious!!

  24. I love the citrus flavored cookies! They are almost my favorites!

  25. Karen Meucci

    Homemade Banana Ice Cream made with an old-fashion ice cream make and Eagle Brand’s Sweetened Condensed milk, Half and Half Cream and vanilla. Too cool to make with the kids and too good because it’s real banana!

  26. Tammy Grunewald-Mudd

    My favorite Summertime Sweet treat is COOKIES and ICE CREAM!!! YUMMY!!! Cheryl’s cookies are the best….melt in your mouth treat!!!!!

  27. Heidi Boelsma

    I love cookies, of course and also watermelon and ice cream in the summer! I need some now:)

  28. Shirley D.

    Strawberry pie like Mom used to make, baked with a double crust, not a chilled pie. Great with vanilla ice cream, reminds me of home!

  29. Alan Greer

    Brownies with Ice cream on top with Chocolate syrup, yummy!!!

  30. Strawberry-rhubarb pie! We get the fruit from a farm stand and make it ourselves. Can’t beat it!

  31. Charlotte Beaver

    My favorite summertime sweet treat would definately be fresh strawberrys, homemade shortcake topped with whipped cream. Strawberrys are best when fresh (summer). Although any of Cheryl’s Cookies & treats are good anytime of year. It is a favorite thing of mine to send gift boxes to family & friends for the holidays & they are all delighted to receive. Also enjoy attending the big sale, that is my fun shopping day that my family also enjoy.

  32. Strawberry shortcake is an excellent summer sweet treat!

  33. ICE CREAM…….. Mint chocolate chip and orange sherbet/vanilla combo. So good! Add a Cheryl’s cookie and heaven! Just sent family
    in CALIF. cookies for July 4th. They LOVE them, too!

  34. The summertime cookies are an amazing cookout or picnic dessert. They look really cute on the table in the pails…great edible centerpiece. Love the orange cookies with homemade ice cream (my favorite summertime dessert). Nothing says summer like fresh, homemade ice cream!

  35. I love jello cake with cool whip on top. Its so delicious, you can use any flavor jello and there is something just so cool and lite about it when its so hot out. Yum!

  36. Alicia Cedillo

    Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean ice cream. Can’t beat that!!! I would love to try your cookies for myself, and I am always giving gift baskets for long-distance friends and family.

  37. Sandy Andrzejewski

    A treat in the summer is homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches. I use different flavors of big cookies and ice cream so everyone gets their favorite! I even roll the edges in sprinkle to give them that ‘special’ look! another favorite is strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and ‘real’ whipped cream. Yum!

  38. We love ice cream in our house in the summer. Vanilla is the best because you can add toppings or mix stuff into it. YUM!!
    My son and I are bigs fans of Cheryl’s cookies. I have sent him a few care packages at college and he is in absolute heaven. Thanks for making such great products!

  39. Stacy Boland

    Definitely Key Lime Pie because it is so tangy and refreshing it helps you cool down on a very hot day!

  40. David Mitchell

    I love milkshakes. Cold frosty milkshakes in the summertime 🙂

  41. Hot caramel popcorn on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk!!

  42. Fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) with vanilla yogurt and granola!! And, I also love Cheryl’s buttercream cookies all year round!!

  43. I love cookie dough ice cream. I reminds me of when I was a small child and my parents would sit outside with us and we’d all have ice cream cones. It brings back such fond memories that I’d like to pass down to my two little girls! 🙂

  44. Favorite summer time treat is hands down – chocolate ice cream! In between waffles, on a cone, in a bowl, definitely with lots of sprinkles, scooping some out with a pretzel, in a milk shake, in cake form…you name it and our family loves it! Also love Cheryl’s cookies – they’re delicious!

  45. I love Strawberry Shortcake made with fresh biscuits and real whipped cream….the way my Grandmother used to make it. Sooo good!

  46. Fresh pineapple is my all time favorite, but strawberry shortcake is a very close second!! Both are sweet, yet a bit on the healthy side and I try to stay healthy as much as possible to be a good role model for my children!

  47. My kids and I enjoy making Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches and eating them on our porch after dinner as the day cools down.

  48. Tammy Darrah

    Buttercream Cheryl’s cookies and a bowl of fruit sorbet !!!!! great finish to all summer festivities !!! =)

  49. Shaved ice with exotic syrup like coconut or mango, especially if it comes right off the block of ice.

  50. My favorite summertime treat –besides Cheryl’s frosted cutout cookies, of course– is Bubble Tea with the tapioca boba in the bottom. Cool and refreshing, perfect in any flavor!

  51. Well, I love your cookies, but the best sweet treat in summer is a fresh fruit salad…or ice cream! 🙂

  52. Lauren Granger

    Love love love ice cream! In the summer is the only time you can get a good soft serve where we live so it’s a huge treat! And of course, cheryl’s cookies!

  53. My favorite summertime treat is smores! Chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow, yum! Remembering girl scout summer camp and making those!

  54. Susan Haese

    I had never had these cookies before and one of my co-workers brought one in for each of us last week……I INSTANTLY went to Facebook and liked this page and will be making my first purchase when I get home from the beach. The buttercream cookies are FABULICIOUS!!!!

  55. Misty McClaskey

    In my household,my favorite summertime sweet treat is cut up watermelon and cantelope! It brings about the BEST cuddle time with my daughter! When she hears me get the container out of the fridge, she will run and get a fork, climb up in my lap, and her and I get some much needed girl time while we eat our fruit!!”

  56. My favorite summer time treat is homemade ice cream. It would be perfect with some cookies!

  57. I like push ups ice cream. My dad bought them for me when I was young, and they remind me of him!

  58. Nancy Warehime

    Rhubarb slump with vanilla ice cream and a dash of cinammon. Then some iced sun tea from that old jug on the back porch or fresh squeezed lemonade. Ahhh. Oh yeah and I love those Schwann’s man pushups.

  59. Any fresh fruit or sweets while sitting outside on the patio furniture enjoying the weather!

  60. Nikole Mayfield

    Ice Cream-any flavor and of course cookies.

  61. My family loves your buttercream cookies, especially in summer because you don’t have to worry about melty chocolate while you are eating them in the heat, They are refreshing to eat and they travel well to take for picnics! Yumm

  62. I have a stash of frosted lemon cookies in my freezer. On a hot day, a slightly thawed cookie and big glass of ice cold milk really hit the spot!

  63. Tara Parry

    Homemade vanilla custard hot fudge sundaes 🙂

  64. Christine W

    I love love LOVE Cheryl’s cookies!!….They rock!!!♥♥♥

  65. Watermellon! Lemonade/Peach Ice Teaaa… mmmm cold and refreshing.

  66. Tiffany W.

    Buttercream cookies of all kinds! But when I run out of those, fresh summer fruit is one of my favorite things about the season – not too heavy and full of vitamins.

  67. tiffany brock

    Chocolate chip cookies and your buttercreamfosted cookies. They are the best…. they are one of the cravings I get while being pregnant

  68. I love strawberry shortcake because the strawberries are in season and taste incredible!

  69. My favorite summertime treat is ice cream because it’s cool, creamy and absolutely delicious! But I honestly could eat ice cream in the middle of a big snow storm too (which I have while in Michigan)! And on a healthier note, watermelon and all the fresh berries available! 😀

  70. Love orange sherbert and vanilla swirl ice cream cones. Remindes me of summertime, being young and days out with my Grandparents.

  71. Love, love, love the buttercream frosted. . . nothing like them! Delicious!!!

  72. During the summer I love, fresh strawberries & blueberries with a whip cream topping! Enjoying them with a Cheryl`s cookie would make it an even more perfect summer dessert!! 🙂

  73. Linda Castillo

    Cotton candy when all the state and county fairs come to town. Just not the same when you buy from Walmart or some place else. You have all the smells of the fairs like corn dogs, candied and caramel apples, popcorn. I bet the smell in your bakery takes people back to when people made sugar and butter cookies from scratch.

  74. Ice cream!!!! But when it comes to Cheryl and Co- orange frosted cookies. I could seriously eat a dozen or more!!!! So soft and citrusy

  75. Theresa O'Heron

    I first learned about your cookies on a television show – I was so impressed I went on line to see if you were still there! Happily you were, and I’ve sent gifts to friends and families ever since! Congratulations on your continued success!

  76. debbie zanaty

    I love the buttercream cookies and everyone that I have sent them the cookies love them too. I have sent them to about 50 people now!

  77. Amanda Frint

    Strawberry shortcake with vanilla bean ice cream is my favorite summer treat. Everything about it says summer. Fresh picked strawberries from our local orchard, a light angel food cake, and of course the ice cream have summer written all over it!!

  78. Debbie Walter

    Wow, after reading all the comments I see that I have a lot to discover about your cookies. My favorite is the buttercream cookies with frosting. Hoever, there are many mentioned in the comments that I would LOVE to taste.

  79. Andi Fuentes

    I love Cheryls cookies with TCBY white chocolate yogurt in between them for a great summer ice cream sandwich.

    I love Cheryl’s cookies and treats so much, I order them for family, friends, and my co- workers in Miami, Fla. for thank you’s and special occasions.

  80. Julie Krentz

    Wow! These sound incredible! I love citrus, and I LOVE Cheryl’s cookies. We get them for all of our special occasions. A customer at work gave us our first taste of Cheryl’s cookies a couple of years ago for a holiday treat. We all got hooked!

  81. Vicki Fluegge

    Who doesn’t like cookies?! When it comes to Cheryl’s, you have the best no matter what the season happens to be! Love to curl up with a warm cup of coffee and an oatmeal raisin cookie (I try to limit it to one to make them last) in the Winter or Summer or Fall or Spring. Makes a wonderful start to the morning. You know it really isn’t fair to limit to favorite – meaning one. I’ve never eaten a Cheryl’s cookie that I didn’t like year round!!

  82. Marlene Vaught

    While I love Cheryl’s buttercream cookies, I have to say my favorite dessert is a sentimental one. My Grandma’s cinnamon rolls will always hold a special place in my heart (and my stomach).

  83. My favorite summetime treat are ice cream sandwhiches. They are so good! However, on a really hot day I don’t think there is anything better than a big, ice cold glass of raspberry lemonade. Yum!!!

  84. My favorite treat for the last few months is Cheryls buttercream cookies. I have been on Weight Watchers and every week after I go to my weigh-in I treat myself to one of these yummy cookies for doing so well during the week!!

  85. Shakti b.

    I love strawberries and fresh whipped cream on pound cake. I also love Sweetened Iced Tea (peach flavored). Yum.
    P.S. Those cookies look gorgeous as always.

  86. Monica Wesolowski

    I love anything with fresh fruit in the summer, but your buttercream frosted cookies are my favorites year round!!!

  87. Cheryls seasonal decorated buttercream cookies of course!.

  88. Love key lime pie. I’m sure Cheryl’s new citrus cookies will fast become our new summertime favorite!!

  89. Ladytink_534

    My mom makes this awesome pudding pie that’s half pudding/ half whip cream. DELICIOUS!

  90. Chocolate ice cream with Cheryl’s mint-iced chocolate cookies crumbled on top. Or a Cheryl’s mint-iced chocolate BROWNIE with chocolate ice cream and hot fudge drizzled on top! Sinfully delicious!!!

  91. Watermelon! I just had some and it is so refreshingly summer.

  92. Jennifer Rupp

    I love any kind of cookies. The more chocolate the better!

  93. Blueberries…and for some unknown reason, I’m completely addicted to ones that are grown in New Jersey!

  94. Lisa Dion (@wldflowur13)

    I love a sweet watermelon for a summer treat.

  95. crystal lee

    Soft serve icecream from the local icecream stand is a summer favorite in our home!

  96. It wouldn’t be summer without watermelon! Yummy!

  97. I love watermelon because it is delicious, sweet, refreshing, healthy, and all-American!

  98. ice cream because it’s so yummy and refreshing! 🙂

  99. Catherine Caruso

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Anytime is the time for Cheryl’s Buttercreme Cookies, not just summertime!

  100. I love the vanilla frosted buttercream cookies, The only problem is so does everyone else. Sometimes they mysteriously vanish from my refrigerator!

  101. I really love strawberry shortcake in summer – it’s the perfect combination with berries, pastry and some yummy real whipped cream on top! Fresh and flavorful!

  102. Dolly Conductor

    I love the Buttercreme Cookies. I was on the auto delivery when I was in Iraq last year and I got everyone in my unit hooked on these cookies. People from Ohio never heard of Cheryl’s so I had to educate them. It was the highlight of or month when the cookies showed up.

  103. Cheryl S.

    Summertime is such a fun time, especially when I am on vacation. My favorite treat is watching my little girl try new things. She loves cookies and I would love to watch her lick the frosting off these delicious cookies!!

  104. Andrea Williams

    Homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries…and of course, Cheryl’s Buttercreme Cookies. We used to always receive your cookies from a family at school (I am a teacher). Unfortunately that family moved 🙁 I am sure another school is now enjoying both their wonderful children and their delicious yearly gift!

  105. ilene Woods

    Lemonade and Limeade always remind me of lazy summer days.

  106. I love fresh fruit in the summer – it’s so refreshing!

  107. Samantha Costanza

    Lime flavored ice pops, because they are refreshing and not as heavy as ice cream

  108. Summer is great but Cheryl’s is best! I send cookies to all of my family and they love them just as much as I do!

  109. Old fashioned homemade ice cream. My husband never wanted an electric ice cream maker because he has such good memories of when he and his grampa would sit and turn the ice cream together and just talk and have a good time. When his grandfather passed away his grandparents made sure Ken had their ice cream maker. That, plus the handwritten recipe including tips in parenthesis, is one of his most prized posessions.

  110. My fav summertime treat is fresh berries with a little vanilla ice cream!! YUM

  111. Lauren Crowe

    I love chocolate chip cookies and watermelon!!!! All of your stuff looks so good!!

  112. beth Shaffer

    The different flavors make your cookies the hit of every party!!! Personal favorite for summer is key lime. Just like sitting on key west eating the real thing minus the chickens.

  113. Mary Heiss

    I would love them! I was first introduced last summer by my best friend…and I am HOOKED! I send them as gifts to everyone for every occasion!

  114. My fav summertime treat would be one you cookies with some fresh fruit and French vanilla ice cream and relaxing and enjoying the moment!pick me please!! We love you cookies showing you love in Seattle.You cookies are the only cookies I will eat .I love love love it! It’s fresh the butter cream is addicting and the cookies!

  115. When I want a summertime treat, you know that Cheryl’s can’t be beat! Their cookies are the best in town, other brands just make me frown!

  116. I absolutly love vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing in the freezer.

  117. Lemon ice cream pie! So easy… mix vanilla ice cream with a small container of frozen concentrated lemonade. Mix well, put into a graham cracker crust, top with shaving of a chocolate bar, and freeze. Trust me… it is wonderful!

  118. My favorite summer time treat is either an old fashion root beer float or a homemade ice cream sammie with fresh cookies & vanilla ice cream!

  119. My favorite summertime treat is going to get ice cream with friends and sitting at the picnic tables chatting.

  120. Rebecca Rodriguez

    I will be in the Columbus airport and CANNOT WAIT to get some cookies!!!

  121. Donna Lee

    I would love to try these so I could see if they are my favorite…

  122. We send Cheryl’s cookies as thank you gifts to our clients. Everyone raves about them! They’re so tasty! Especially the buttercream. And it’s always so nice to know they’re shipped fresh and get there in a timely manner. Thanks for making our jobs a little easier!

  123. Definitely shaved ice with ice cream. Strawberry ice with choc ice cream is my fav!!! I also like frozen Cheryl o’s !

  124. Karen Bell

    Fav summertime treat, my mother in law’s cherry pie. The cherries are picked fresh off her tree and the crust is perfectly flakey. Heaven.

  125. Jess Richards

    My favorite summertime treat is going to the local ice cream shop and getting a peanut butter milkshake. 🙂

  126. I love lemonade and limeade. Your citrus frosted cookies sound delicious! : – )

  127. My favorite summertime treat is Jell-o Cake (white cake with holes poked in after baking to pour jell-o in and top with cool whip)……my mom use to make this when we were little and it was the best treat on a hot day.

  128. Holly Zellers

    My favorite summertime treat is Millionaire pie made with whipped cream, pineapple and pecans. A Cheryl’s cookie on the side and you’ve got the tastiest dessert!

  129. My favoritew summertime sweet is Snickers Salad! YUMMO! It’s a combo of snickers, cool whip & vanilla pudding. You can toss some apples in there too and it would taste just like a taffy apple. But OMG- it is sinful!

  130. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Fresh strawberry o’cheese dessert is my favorite summertime treat. I would eat cookies all-year round, but I really like to take advantage of fresh fruit when it’s available. Any fresh fruit is great. I especially like peach cobbler, also.
    Your cookies are delicious and beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. Other than your cookies, I really love Watermelon as a summer treat. It is so great for a hot day. I buy a whole Watermelon a week and we slice it as the week goes on. We usually have it after diner as a night time snack but it is also great for BBQ’s and picnics.
    Recently I have been trying recipes with Watermelon and made a wonderful slushy snack with Watermelon, lemon juice, and a little bit of sugar. You blend them all together and then let them freeze. Once frozen, you scrape it up with a fork and enjoy. It is really refreshing and the lemon gives it just the perfect snap! Plus watermelon’s have so many wonderful health benefits. It is the summer superfruit!

  132. Kelli Mock

    My favorite summertime sweet treat is Key Lime Pie and Lemonade. I Love Key Lime Pie and Lemonade because it is so refreshing anytime of the day, especially in this heat!!

  133. Debbi Zakrajsek

    Love some light airy citrusy fruity refreshing cookies in the summertime!!! C is for Cookie….thats good enough for me!!!! <3

  134. Jane Morgan

    As much as I love watermelon in the summer time, you can’t beat the butter cream frosted cookies ANYTIME of the year! I am such a kid at heart…give me cookies over anything else. When give the choice, I will always choose cookies!

  135. Patricia L. Altenhof

    Summer is such a special time, and cool summertime treats are wonderful… I tried to get it down to just one, but I am torn… A pitcher of ice cold fresh lemonade has got to be one of the most refreshing drinks of the summer… My mom made the best – and she did have a secret that made it even better…… She would add just a pinch of salt to it which would accentuate the flavor – – I think she invented the principle behind those expensive “sports drinks” years before they became popular with football players….
    My other favorite is a big wedge of icey cold watermelon…. My dad would submerge this special treat in a tub filled with ice and water and the melon would just burst with flavor. When he touched it with his big butcher knife, it would almost crack open because it was so cold…. Eating this frosty treat was always accompanied with a seed spitting contest – – winner got a nickel from my dad’s pocket….
    Now my head is filled with memories of happy, carefree summer days….

  136. Melissa Wohlsen

    My favorite summer sweet treat is water ice. Why? Not only is it cold and refreshing on a hot day, the thought of it conjures up memories and moments that I just love about summer… my traditional Father’s Day present to my dad (a whole gallon!) and the smile he gives me when he tastes it, lazy summer nights at Rita’s with my family, walks down the boardwalk in Ocean City with my kids and their blue stained lips from their blue raspberry flavored treat, celebrations with my kids’ sports teams after a big win, dessert at the county fair after devouring fried everything and burning your tongue… water ice just goes hand and hand with summer 🙂

    I had my first taste of one of your cookies a few months back and it was delicious. I have been raving about them ever since. I would love to share a summertime treats pail with my family. Thank you for considering my entry!

  137. Bradley Hassen

    There is something truly magic about Summer. You do not have to be a kid to enjoy what summer has in store every year. Some will say it is the never ending daylight, catching fireflies in a jar, or swimming until your toes & fingers are prunned. if you are born into our family, you will definitely say our mother’s lemon icebox pie is at the top of your list.

    This legendary sweet treat has been passed down through generations & is still the star of our summer time cookouts. if you poll our family, you will hear many different responses of why this treat is especially favored. Some will say it is the tart sweetness of the lemons, Others will say the cold, smooth texture of the lemony filling. There are even votes for the mile high stiff meringue peaks that arrive at the table picture perfect. It is hard to eat a piece and not smile, until your piece is gone, of course. “Any way you slice it” Mama’s Lemon Icebox Pie is a sweet, smooth taste of summer, bite after delicious bite.

  138. Kristen Fraser

    My favorite summertime treat is an ice cream cookie sandwich. It reminds me of my childhood, when Granny would bake with me. I make these with my own children now, but thanks to Cheryl’s we can skip the oven timer and play in the pool instead. Thanks for makingemories taste so good!

  139. Darlene Coney

    My favorite summertime treat would have to be homemade vanilla icecream. It reminds of my childhood. I can remember Dad hand-cranking the icecream adding ice & rock salt as needed. It seemed to take FOREVER for that icecream to get done. In reality, it was only half an hour or so, but it seemed such a long time when you were waiting for that first bite of delicious, creamy goodness. Wonderful memories!! Sometimes I would love to go back to those times & have Dad back again.

  140. My favorite summer dessert is pretty much anything with fresh strawberries, but especially strawberry shortcake. Even though I can get strawberries year round, nothing beats the huge, sweet, locally-grown strawberries I get during the summer! I’m always on the lookout for the signs saying that the nearby strawberry patch is selling them on their farm again. It’s great because I can just pull off the highway real quick and grab a crate on the way to or back from the grocery store. I always make sure I have plenty of cash on hand so I can stop!

  141. Even though I’m normally a chocoholic, I love anything fruity and refreshing in the summer time. It just makes you feel cooler. Cherly’s citrus cookies are fabulous and hit the spot! Not only are they delicious i love the colored frosting that just screams summer fun! They make a great display on a table although they never last long =).

  142. I absolutely love sweets of all kind. I actually have a candy cupboard. Not a drawer but a couple of shelves filled with chocolates, cookies and other sweets. My freezer has at least 2 different kinds of ice cream at all times. I guess the thing I like most in the summer are the fruits. They’re naturally sweeter in the season. You just can’t find a great watermelon in winter.

  143. Amy Cooley

    I love an iced coffee or iced latte. For an evening snack, I love my Vitatops

  144. I share the buttercream frosted cookies with my little friend Christopher, who is 4 years old, and loves, loves, loves, cookies. Christopher is on my list of people who receive cookies from Cheryl’s during the Christmas holiday season, and it is something he looks forward to and shares with all his friends. How sweet would it be to be able to surprise him with a summertime pail of yummy Cheryl’s cookies from his favorite Auntie Lisa?

  145. My favorite summertime memory is a simple one. I was 12 years old and had just returned home from the library. My mother was an incessant baker back then–which was a very good thing when you’re a kid! We had a beautiful lemon tree in our backyard that was heavy with fruit many months out of the year in sunny Southern California. Through her baking and cooking, my mom helped instill a love for lemons (and limes) in me that’s lasted my entire life. Anyway, that day, she’d made the most moist, tangy-sweet lemon bars I’ve ever had in my life. Those delicious treats combined with a tall glass of iced tea (with lemon, of course!) and a good book out on the shaded back patio made for one of the best hot summer days of my childhood. The festive pastel colors and citrus-slice designs of Cheryl’s buttercream frosted citrus and fruit cookies take me back to that day 34 years ago. Thanks for the memory!

  146. Jamie Esteb

    When Momma would get to be off of her factory job, she’d make her fabulous No bake Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. She worked at the local shoe factory, on her feet all day in a very hot place, so it was not only a treat for her to be off work for us but it was definetly a treat (in more ways than one) for her to be off work for herself too.. She raised me and my twin brothers all by herself, and did a wonderful job 🙂 These cookies represent her love and devotion to not only us three children, but to her grandchildren. She’s no longer with us, but the memory of her fabulous cookies, no matter the time of the year, will live on in us. Her cookies are still being made even now, and, we think of her every time. 🙂

  147. My fav summertime sweet treat is all the fresh fruits that come into season like strawberries and peaches….yummy….I ordered our first box of buttercream cookies the other day and they are scheduled for delivery tomorrow…we can’t wait to get them…I have ordered them for my hubby and son when they were in Iraq but never ordered any for myself so I am anxious to try them.

  148. Cherry pie made with cherries from my cherry tree served with ice cream on the side!! Your cookies are the best! I sent them out for Mother’s Day to several people; I was very popular!!

  149. Susan R. Schrier

    There are two things that scream summer to me – watermelon and lemonade!!! I have such fond memories for both as a young child. I remember the thrill of knowing that when the sprinkler came out, so did the cooler filled with slices of watermelon. It made running through the water all the more worth while! I knew when it was time to break, it was time to open that cooler. It didn’t matter how hot it was outside, that sprinkler and the cold watermelon made me forget the Southern heat!
    And setting up a lemonade stand was always worth the effort, no matter how much we sold. We knew the formula….Sell one, drink one! It was fun and always such a treat. I always thought Mom watching from the kitchen was to give us a sense of freedom in having that stand. Now, as I’ve gotten older I realize…..she couldn’t stand the Southern heat!!! 😉

  150. Nanci Jenkins

    Summer- it’s all about berries. Berry pie,berry ice cream, fresh berries right out the field. My favorite is strawberry pie but a close second is blueberry pie. The berries are half baked and half fresh and it is to die for. My mom growing up was Queen of the cobbler…we’d have cobbler with fresh berries at least once a week. Yummmmo! Another hot,hot summer time treat was cantalope, with vanilla ice cream and blueberries- sometimes now as adult on a hot night I will have this for my dinner!

  151. Patty Dion

    A nice fruit salad is my favorite summertime treat

  152. My favorite summer sweet treat is a chocolate milkshake. I love the rich, thick, smoothness of a really good milkshake. It’s a really good way to beat the summer heat, and it’s a sweet way to do it.

  153. Sharon Graham

    My favorite summertime treat is a soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkles! Makes me think of happy childhood days spent in the pool or at the beach.

  154. I love all the fresh berries that are available during the summer. I love them on ice cream, shortcake, pancakes, and in a bowl with cream and sugar. Yummy! My favorite dessert is rhubarb custard pie, homemade with homegrown rhubarb. Rhubarb brings back great memories; neighborhood kids pulling up raw rhubarb in one of the neighbor’s yard and getting baggies of sugar to dip the rhubarb into. Then after we’d had our fill, heading to the nearest garden hose and getting a drink of water!

  155. I love the first taste of fresh cherries, peaches and watermelon.

  156. Kristin Powals

    Key Lime Pie! mmm Good frozen too! A cheryls key lime cookie would be even better!

  157. There are few things as sweet, and as simple, as a juicy peach, sliced and placed over fresh whipped cream.

    I spent numerous summers on my uncle’s farm-with my cousins, picking peaches off the trees and selling them from a fruit stand to passers-by. As a kid from the suburbs, this labor intensive, hot chore seemed more like an adventure! We’d finish our day back at their house, drinking sun-made sweet tea and dipping our fingers (and peaches) into bowls of freshly made whipped cream. Such a treat!

  158. Hey, My favorite treat growing up was home made ice cream, the one you had to hand crank. It was fun to turn and a lot of good eating. It would always bring happy times to our family. Great memories remembering the times. Thanks, for the opportunity to win. I have sent your cookies to my husband twice and daughter once. They love them.

  159. Popsicles.
    I grew up with my grandparents, who took me to small stores with a tiny freezer of popsicles. I would get super excited unwrapping the colorful popsicles. During high school, I volunteered at a local library during summer. Ice cream trucks would circle the library. I would always buy one before leaving the library for the day. Popsicles remind me of a really happy childhood and memories of my grandparents and hometown.

  160. Amanda Chapman

    Without a doubt, the best summer treat is shaved ice!

    Not only is this treat cool and refreshing, but shaved ice flavors are bright and colorful, which remind me of summer. Summer is a time for relaxing, fun and enjoying family, which is exactly what this treat reminds me of. Even as a kid, I remember my mom and I using our shaved ice machine to make these special treats. I can be color my shaved ice any way I want, but I normally combine several colorful flavors to include cherry, strawberry, lime and lemon. The best part of this treat is the end when I get to slurp the melted ice and extra flavoring liquid up my straw. What other way would you spend your summer other than cooling off with this colorful treat!?

  161. I love to crumble up cookies…Cheryl’s of course, & take a carton of semi-thawed vanilla ice cream & mix them together in a separate tupperware container & refreeze!