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Fall Gift Tin – Cookies and Brownies
Product Code: FAL20_207591

Fall Gift Tin – Cookies and Brownies

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  • 8 Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookies
  • 2 Buttercream Frosted S’more Cookies
  • 2 Buttercream Frosted Butter Pecan Cookies
  • 2 Buttercream Frosted Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookies
  • 1 Chocolate Chip Brookie
  • 1 Buttercream Frosted Buckeye Brownie
  • 1 Pecan Pie Brownie
  • 1 Caramel Apple Brownie Bar
  • 1 Pumpkin Fudge Brownie
  • 1 Blondie Walnut Brownie
  • Tin- 9 2/4 X 3 7/8
Send sweet sentiments with our NEW fall gift tin! This cheerful fall gift tin is available with a delicious assortment of individually wrapped cookies and brownies. we’ve included flavors like cinnamon pumpkin, buttercream frosted cut-outs, butter pecan, our NEW s’more cookies and a yummy assortment of signature brownies including chocolate chip brookie, peanut butter buckeye, pecan pie, caramel apple, pumpkin fudge and our NEW brondie brookie bar. Your friends, family and business associates will love receiving this gift. OU D. 6 brownies & 14 cookies.