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Great American Milk Drive Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Gift Box
Product Code: VDAY16_160191

Great American Milk Drive Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Gift Box

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24 Cookies Includes:
  • 8 Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookies
  • 8 Triple Chocolate Frosted Cookies
  • 8 Buttercream Frosted Strawberry Sugar Cookies

36 Cookies Includes:
  • 12 Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookies
  • 12 Triple Chocolate Frosted Cookies
  • 12 Buttercream Frosted Strawberry Sugar Cookies
Our buttercream frosted chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cookies are the perfect addition to your glass of milk! This delicious flavor combination is a wonderful dessert idea for every special event or celebration and best of all 15% of the Net Proceeds from the sale of this product will benefit Great American Milk Drive. A card announcing your generous gift will be included from each qualifying transaction. OU D.

More than 46 million Americans – including 12 million children – rely on Feeding America® food banks each year. Milk is one of the most requested, but least donated items at food banks, meaning children in need are missing out on the essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, it supplies. Now, you can help feed a childhood. Your donation to The Great American Milk Drive will deliver highly desired and nutrient-rich milk to families in need, helping to ensure that all children have the potential to play, learn and grow.
Visit milklife.com/give to learn about the need for more nutritious foods in America's food banks and how your small donation can make a big impact.