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What's New

We are always getting inspired with new flavors and designs at The Popcorn Factory.

Our new products are filled with delicious gourmet popcorn and goodies that make the perfect gift ideas for any occasion. You’ll always find just what you’re looking for when you shop our What’s New collection.

Birthday Balloon Popcorn Tins
$36.00 - $48.00
Birthday Balloon Sampler
Birthday Balloons Celebration Cornfetti 1-Gallon Popcorn Pail
Dare to Dream Popcorn Tins
$42.00 - $46.00
Birthday Balloon 4-Tier Tower
Set Of 2 Popcorn Tins Caramel Trio & Nutty Trio Popcorn
Set Of 2 Tins Cheese Trio & Zesty Trio Popcorn
3 Gallon Caramel Trio 3 Flavor Popcorn
3 Gallon Zesty Trio 3 Flavor Popcorn Tin
3 Gallon Butter Trio 3 Flavor Popcorn Tins
Cookies & Crème Special Edition Popcorn
Salted Caramel Bourbon Special Edition Popcorn
Double Butter Popcorn
Nacho Cheese Popcorn
TPF Texas Toast Popcorn
Ranch Popcorn
3 Canister Pack of Classic Popcorn Flavors
Extreme Survival Kit Popcorn Tin
Up All Night Popcorn Sampler
TPF Retro Popcorn Tin
$36.00 - $62.00
Laugh Out Loud Set of 3 Gift Boxes
How's It Hanging Popcorn Tins
$36.00 - $42.00
Be Fabulous Popcorn Tins
$22.00 - $36.00
How's it Hanging Sloth Deluxe Sampler
Birthday Wishes Popcorn Tins
$36.00 - $46.00
Big Movie Scoop Snack Assortment
Laugh Out Loud Deluxe Snack Assortment
Laugh Out Loud Grand Sampler
Laugh Out Loud Popcorn Tins
$42.00 - $46.00
Baseball Shaped Tin
Baby Blocks Tower
Smiley Dot Popcorn Tin
$42.00 - $46.00
Smiley Dot Treat Box
Smiley Dot Deluxe Sampler
Smiley Dot Sampler
Our Popcorn Promise: Both you AND your recipient must be absolutely delighted - we guarantee it!

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