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Wooden Bow Tie
Product Code: MK001400

Wooden Bow Tie

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Aspen Bowtie: An aspen is a community. Each trunk is just one limb of a massive organism, which lives for millennia underground -surviving forest fires and droughts - to bask again in the summer sun. This enduring strength allows for an abiding sensitivity; aspen leaves "quake" and "whisper" in every breeze. May this sharp yet supple bow tie be a reminder: It’s your inner power that affords you the luxury of relishing all of Life's glorious sensations, emotions and experiences.

Ribbon Mahogany Bowtie: Long used only for crafting the finest luxury goods, mahogany instantly identifies its wearer as a person of sophisticated taste. Whether you're walking into a big meeting or out on the town, this bowtie is sure to be a head turner.

Zebrawood Bowtie: The world's best designers cannot compete with Nature's one-of-a-kind detail on this magnificent zebrawood bowtie. Because every tree is different, the patterns on each of our zebrawood bowties are totally unique. This bold piece will help you make a bolder statement at your next big meeting and when you're out with that special someone.

Our bowties are made by hand, finished with all natural tung oil, and cured in the sun. A grosgrain strap and metal fasteners allow for the perfect, comfortable fit. Each tie is 100 percent vegan and made in the U.S.A.

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