When I was an exhausted, barely functioning new mom, my favorite gifts were the ones that were out of the ordinary, useful, and fun. For example, I got a huge fruit basket that made healthy snacking easy, along with noise-canceling headphones. I also received a beautifully presented diaper cake…I know, it sounds weird! It looks like a wedding cake and is a clever way to display diapers and other baby goodies. It was different and practical, and I loved it. (More on that later.)

My advice when picking out a gift for new parents? Leave the ordinary stuff to others and think outside the box. To make your life easier, I created a shopping guide packed with unique and exciting gift suggestions, from a personalized crate filled with gorgeous organic baby items to everything Mom and Dad need for a date night at home.

gifts for new parents with Baby Caterpillar Blanket Bag Set

Baby essentials bundle

If you’re looking for a memorable gift, you can’t go wrong with this Baby Caterpillar Blanket & Bag Set. This unique and adorable collection has everything a baby needs, including a receiving blanket, cozy booties, moon terry toy, changing pad, and so much more. It’s all wrapped up in a cute and cuddly caterpillar that comes in either pink or blue.

gifts for new parents with Davidovich Bakery New York Bagel Assortment

Breakfast bagels

When you have a newborn, there’s barely time to do anything — even eat breakfast. The Davidovich Bakery Bagel Assortment is a different type of gift and a treat for an overwhelmed mom, who is sometimes overlooked when baby arrives. It includes 20 gourmet bagels in four popular flavors. (Cream cheese sold separately.)

gifts for new parents with Choose Your Own Coffee

Coffee sampler pack

For weary new parents in need of a caffeine hit, a Choose-Your-Own Coffee 4-Pack is probably the best gift you can get. The ground coffee is made from Arabica beans and comes in a variety of flavors from which they can pick, including chocolate-cherry decadence, toffee nut, and caramel pecan.

gifts for new parents with Premier Orchard Fruit Gift Basket

Fruit basket

As an exhausted new parent, it’s easy to load up on sugary snacks when you’re tired. I admit, I often found myself reaching for the nearest chocolate bar or cookie. The Premier Orchard Fruit Gift Basket gives parents healthy, delicious treats to munch on. The cute wicker gift basket is filled with apples, oranges, pears, and other fresh fruits direct from California.

gifts for new parents with Personalized Ive Arrived Organics Baby Gift Crate

Organic baby set

Parents of newborns love gifts tailored to their own baby, such as this Personalized “I’ve Arrived” Organics Baby Crate. The wooden crate has chalkboard sides on which you can write the baby’s name, and is filled with practical organic items, such as alpaca booties, leggings, a teething ring, and a washcloth. You can even choose from a variety of adorable forest-themed designs: honeybees, sloths, lions, or bunnies, just to name a few.

gifts for new parents with Eggs Benedict Brunch

Brunch to go

Looking after a newborn can take up every waking minute, especially in the first few months. Treat new parents who might be struggling to cook with something delicious and easy to eat, such as an eggs Benedict brunch. The ready-prepared meal includes English muffins, Canadian-style bacon, hollandaise sauce mix, maple-glazed rolls, and even coffee (an essential for the sleepless!).

gifts for new parents with Filet Mignon Dinner for Two

Ready-to-bake dinner for two

Treat new parents to a decadent dinner that arrives ready to stick in the oven. The Filet Mignon Dinner for Two includes two bacon-wrapped filet mignons, plus two sides. It also comes with a dozen chocolate-iced cream puffs and heaps of appetizers, perfect for late-night snacking.

gifts for new parents with plush gift set bucket

Bath time collection

As a new parent, I loved getting one-of-a-kind gifts, especially ones I could use for years to come. The Plush Gift Set Bucket includes a super-soft plush moose toy, snuggly moose print security blanket, and stimulating rattle with a teether, along with, of course, a bucket for easy storage.

gifts for new parents with Copper Canyon Sweet Savory Nuts Assortment

Satisfying snacks

Sleepless nights can lead to carb cravings…which can put you on the fast track to unhealthy snacks. New parents will love munching on the Copper Canyon Sweet & Savory Nuts Assortment when they need a pick-me-up. It comes with a wooden tray filled with smoke house almonds, roasted pistachios, and a whole lot more nutty goodness.

gifts for new parents with new baby treats gift pail

Gourmet treats

When a cuddly, adorable baby arrives, it’s easy for a new mom to feel neglected. Make her feel special with a New Baby Treats Gift Pail. This delightful hand-wrapped gift pail features 19 individually wrapped goodies, such as buttercream frosted lemon burst cookies, confection pretzel clusters, and snack-size fudge brownies.

gifts for new parents with Baby Blossom® Diaper Cake

Diaper cake

Wow someone who’s just had a baby with a gift they’ll never forget — the aforementioned diaper cake! This adorable gift set is as unique — and useful — as they come. The stylish three-tier “cake” features an abundance of newborn essentials, including disposable diapers, blankets, washcloths, and socks.

gifts for new parents with Beekman ™ Milk Carton Spa Set

Spa set

It’s important to remind the baby’s mom of just how special she is, and a great way to do that is with the Beekman 1802 Milk Carton Spa Set. This extravagant vanilla-scented set contains goat-milk hand cream and cuticle cream to pamper hands, plus two bars of soap.

gifts for new parents with Relaxing Self Care Gift Box

Wellness set

Self-care is so important for every new mom, but it can be hard to make time for yourself. Make it easier with this Relaxing Self Care Gift Box. It includes mineral bath salts, scented hand cream, a scented candle, a pair of cozy socks. and a sleep mask.

gifts for new parents with Personalized Embroidered Storage Tote

Storage tote

Any new parent will tell you that you can never have enough storage for baby clothes and supplies. The Personalized Embroidered Storage Tote is the ideal gift, as it’s functional, looks stylish in any room, and can also be personalized with the baby’s name. It also comes in four colors.


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