Our series “A Gift for Gifting” walks you through how to show your generosity and thoughtfulness to all the special people in your life. These gifts for new moms will make her first Mother’s Day memorable. Whether she’s a foodie or an oenophile, we have you covered.

In my early days of new motherhood, I was caught in a whirlwind of euphoric love, feedings, doctor’s visits, family visits, and keeping our 450-square-foot apartment —which had turned into “baby central” — from falling into an abyss of clutter.

“Me” time? It wasn’t happening. Sure, I had managed a date night here and there with my husband (thanks to my mom) and a quiet walk or two (thanks to my husband), but it wasn’t until my first Mother’s Day rolled around that I was ready to pause and celebrate all that I had accomplished growing this little one. And, now, making a new life with him.

This lineup of gifts for new moms this Mother’s Day has celebratory self-care and the little pleasures in “life before baby” in mind.

a photo of gifts for new moms: tea box

Mother’s day coffee

Coffee-loving new moms love it for the energy boost, but the ritual of enjoying a great cup of coffee from start to finish is a rare occurrence. This gift basket, replete with a beautiful new mug, the deep flavors and aromas of two types of coffee, including Moose Munch, and more than two dozen cookies and other treats, puts the joy back into her java.

a photo of gifts for new moms: cheese and fruit toppers

Cheese and fruit toppers

After nine months of being unable to enjoy blue and soft-ripened cheeses, every cheese-loving new mom will yelp with joy after unwrapping this gourmet cheese and fruit topper box. This duo of artisan cheeses covers a wide-ranging palate: sharp white cheddar cheese; and a salty, yet creamy Gouda cheese.

a photo of gifts for new moms: ahi tuna

Wild ahi tuna steaks

Sushi is another food pregnant women have to forego during pregnancy. Hence, a gift of these delectable, line-caught, sushi-grade yellowfin tuna steaks brings one of her favorite foods to her doorstep to enjoy any time she likes, and in recipe-ready portions. We recommend searing them.

a photo of gifts for new moms: cookies

When those hunger pangs hit during the middle-of-the-night feedings, I wanted something quick and easy — and, of course, tasty — to grab. This generous box of goodies contains a wide variety of flavors, including Chocolate Obsession, Lemon Burst, and even Fruity Cereal! They give her that little boost of energy she needs to get her through the excruciatingly long days of early motherhood.

a photo of gifts for new moms: spa gift box

Mother’s Day succulent and spa gift box

For a busy new mom, even grabbing a quick shower can be a challenge. Come to her rescue with this gift box, which includes a freshly grown succulent, vanilla-scented candle, rose bath bomb, and bath salts. It turns her bathroom into her own fortress of solitude.

a photo of gifts for new moms: mimosa set

Mom-osa bar wine gift

Set the scene for celebration with this fun Mom-osa bar, which includes sparkling wines along with an assortment of biscuits, galettes, and other cookies. Invite her friends over and offer it as part of a brunch spread. Or, save it and wake her up to something other than the baby that, too, is sweet and bubbly!

a photo of gifts for new moms: weighted blanket

Personalized weighted blanket

Research shows that adding a weighted blanket to our sleep routine reduces stress and imparts a calming effect. Besides aiding in a new mom’s much-needed sleep, this soft, cozy blanket takes “mom naps” to a level that she hasn’t experienced since afternoons in college.

a photo of gifts for new moms: bouquet of flowers

One-of-a-kind bouquet

Creating a one-of-a-kind flower bouquet is a great way to celebrate a new mom’s beauty, grace, and unique personality. A stunning custom arrangement can include a unique flower from her wedding bouquet or ones she treasured growing up. It’s a gift that reminds her that even though she might be exhausted, she is still a queen.

Embroidered luxury ivory fleece robe

Downtime for a new mom feels that much better when she’s wrapped in the cozy comfort and relaxation of this luxurious fleece bathrobe — and monogramming it gives it a special touch. Surprise her by embroidering it with an inspirational moniker, such as a favorite nickname or “Awesome Lady,” and this robe is now a power garment!

a mother's day cookie ad

Theresa Gambacorta is a food writer and 25-year veteran of New York City's restaurant industry. Her writing has appeared in such titles as Men's Fitness and Muscle and Fitness, and Centennial's special interest publications. She is the co-author of chef Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking (Chronicle) and is currently working on a cookbook about Persian cuisine to be published by Knopf.

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