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When your Easter cookies arrive at your doorstep, we bet you’ll be excited to serve them at your Easter celebration on Sunday. So, we put together a cute and festive way to use your favorite cookies for the perfect dessert table. 

First, you will need a box (or two) of our adorable Frosted Easter Cutouts. Next, you’ll need to take a trip to your local grocery store or drugstore and make your way to the holiday aisle where you’ll find a variety of Easter celebration goodies and decorations.


We used:

  • Mini springtime Easter egg boxes
  • Easter egg tray
  • PEEPS®
  • Easter grass
  • A basket
  • Plastic Easter eggs

Take the mini boxes and fill them with the Easter grass, then place a cookie and a PEEPS® on top. If you have any cookies left over, you can place them in the middle of your Easter egg tray and fill the rest with the plastic eggs (or real ones). Put all of the mini boxes in the basket and when your guests are ready for dessert, you can start to hand out your favorite Cheryl’s cookies


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