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12 Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples

Even if the two of you haven't been together long, these gifts will be easy to commit to.

Lizzy Briskin

Jan 21, 2022

New relationships can be tricky. The two of you are still trying to get to know each other, figure out what you like and don't like, and find as much common ground as you possibly can.

Toss in a holiday like Valentine's Day, and the pressure meter spikes. You want to get something thoughtful that will show you care, but you also don't want to go sooo over the top that the other person will think you're coming on too strong. It's a delicate balance, to be sure.

We're here to take some of the guesswork out of the holiday with a list of gifts that bring the romance but won't scare anyone off. From treats to gorgeous bouquets, these 12 Valentine's Day gifts for new couples are sure to wow your beau or belle this Feb. 14.

valentines day gifts for new couples with sugar cookies

1. A treat for two

Bring extra sweetness to your Valentine's celebration with a box of soft frosted sugar cookies. While this time of year is usually reserved for chocolate, this is the best gift for that special someone who prefers vanilla.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with flowers

2. A fresh bouquet

This arrangement of pink lilies, roses, and purple accents is dressed for the holiday without giving off an overly romantic vibe. Of course, if romantic is what you're going for, you can't go wrong with classic long-stemmed red roses.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with socks

3. Personalized socks

Warm her heart and feet with these adorable personalized socks. Choose your favorite photos together to design a practical gift she can wear all year long.

valentines day gifts for new couples fondue set

4. Fondue night

Instead of a fancy dinner out, surprise your S.O. with a romantic fondue night. Gather 'round the pot to get your fill of melty chocolate and some quality time. It's a fun and flirty way to stay cozy on a chilly February night.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with chocolate dipped strawberries

5. Chocolate-covered strawberries

There's something especially sweet and celebratory about a treat of juicy red berries coated in a crunchy chocolate shell. Pair a plate of white and milk chocolate-dipped strawberries with a glass of bubbly for a romantic nightcap.

Worth the effort

6. Assorted snacks for movie night

A giant tub of popcorn filled with three different flavors is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a new relationship. It's thoughtful and fun without feeling over the top. Plus, you'll have the perfect snack to work through as you introduce each other to your favorite movies.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with chocolates

7. Chocolates

No list of Valentine's Day gift ideas would be complete without a heart-shaped box of chocolate truffles. The chocoholic you're courting will be in heaven as they work their way through this assortment of bonbons, which includes Belgian chocolates in a variety of flavors printed with beautiful patterns.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with cookie decorating set

8. A cookie-making experience

Turn your Valentine's Day gift into a date night to remember with a cookie decorating kit. It includes everything the two of you need to express your culinary creativity, and maybe even have some friendly competition: Who can pull off the best decorations?

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with savory gift basket

9. A savory gift basket

If your significant other prefers savory and salty flavors to all the sweets this time of year, they'll love a charcuterie gift basket suited to their palate. As a bonus, all the sausages, cheeses, and spreads in this gift come in a portable basket to tote with you on a picnic date (once the weather warms up).

valentines day gifts for new couples valentines gift basket

10. A sweet surprise for your sweetie

Shower the sweet tooth you know and love with a box full of sugary treats. This woven gift basket has something for every kind of craving, from gummy peaches to crunchy caramel popcorn to six kinds of chocolate truffles.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with stuffed bear

11. A giant plush bear

Give your honey something to keep them company when you're not around. This giant stuffed bear is adorable and totally snuggle-able — the perfect gift to remind them of you.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples with date night jar

12. A date night jar

This date night jar is a creative way to show someone new you're looking forward to spending plenty of time together in the future. Fill the jar together, then pull out date ideas on a Friday night or Sunday morning and surprise yourselves with an adventure on a whim. For bonus points, fill the jar with a few date ideas before you gift it.

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