Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 26, so all you secretaries, receptionists, and office workers, get your headquarters ready — it’s your time to shine! You are the people who make every business a success, and exceptional employees like you deserve to have an equally special work space.

Here are 11 fun and creative ways to brighten up your office space just in time for the holiday.

1. Decorate your desk with flowers and plants

Photo of young workers in an office that makes good use of desk plants

Whether you work in an office or a cubicle, accessorizing your space with flowers has lots of benefits. In office environments, where décor is typically minimal and, well, dull, a colorful bouquet of flowers or a pretty green plant will bring instant natural beauty to your workstation. But it’s not just about the wow factor; flowers lift your spirits and make you healthier and more productive too! They allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on days when you can’t leave the office, and studies show that plants remove toxins from the air and improve concentration

2. Promote tranquility with a water fountain

Instead of listening to the monotonous clicking of keyboards all day, bring some zen into your cubicle with the calming sound of a desktop water fountain. It’ll drown out other annoying sounds and help you relax, allowing you to get your work done in peace. Just make sure the running water isn’t so loud that it distracts you and your co-workers…

3. Transform your chair with a cozy pillow and blanket

Your desk chair is your home for about eight hours a day (even more on late nights!), so you might as well make it as comfy as possible. If your chair isn’t particularly cushiony, soften it up by placing a cute pillow on the seat. You can also wrap a pretty pashmina around the back of the chair: You’ll make a stylish statement and you’ll have something to wrap around your shoulders when the office gets cold. It always does!

4. Warm up your floor space with a pretty rug

Get rid of those boring plastic floor mats under your chair and replace them with a plush rug. Its fuzzy texture and bright colors will show off your personality and make your office visitors feel right at home. It’s a small change that’ll brighten up your office space in a big way.

5. Use placemats to bring pops of color to your desk

Think there’s nothing spectacular about your plain white desk? Think again! Look at it as a blank canvas — it’s up to you to bring it to life. Turn it into a work of art by sliding a patterned or brightly colored placemat under your computer screen, keyboard, file organizers, etc. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at a whole new desk!

6. Hang curtains for a homey atmosphere

If you have windows by your desk that could use some sprucing up, make them more welcoming by decking them out with curtains. Make sure the curtains aren’t too dark; you still want some of that natural light to shine through. Two sheer panels and a couple of cute tiebacks are enough to make your space the most inviting and desired real estate in the office!

brighten up your office space with desk lamp lighting up desk

7. Bring in a softer, more pleasant source of light

Bright overhead fluorescent lights can be harsh on the eyes, especially when you’re reading from a computer screen for hours. Placing a lamp on your desk will tone down the atmosphere with more natural-looking light and give your eyes a rest. And with all those cool, creative lamps that are out there on store shelves these days, you won’t have any trouble finding one that shines a spotlight on your unique personality!

8. Clear out the clutter with fun storage solutions

It’s a proven fact: The more clutter you’re surrounded by, the more stressed you’re going to be. When you work in a tiny cubicle, even the tiniest bit of clutter can look like mass chaos — and as busy as you are at work, you know you don’t need any extra worries. Storage solutions like file organizers allow you to neatly stow your stray office supplies, helping you clear out the unnecessary anxiety from your mind. Plus, with so many designs and color options, these storage supplies give your desk another splash of character.

9. Surround yourself with family photos

brighten up your office space with artwork hanging above desk

When times get tough, or when we need a little inspiration, the first people we look to are our family members. You can do that at work too: Fill a few picture frames with your favorite family photos, and look at them whenever you need a quick morale boost.

10. Put some artwork on display

Crazy about sports? Always dreaming of lounging on a tropical beach? Whatever your hobbies or interests are, find some artwork in that theme and display it above your desk where you can see it. It’ll automatically brighten your day and transport you to a happy state of mind every time you look at it.

11. Show off your accomplishments

Nothing revs you up for a day of work more than a visual reminder of all the great things you’ve accomplished in the past. Frame and exhibit your diplomas, awards, and any other mementos from your proudest moments. Any time you feel slightly unsure of yourself, look at these objects and you’ll be reminded of what a true talent you are and receive the encouragement you need to seize the day.


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