When you think about dad, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it how he always shows up to his kids’ after-school activities, like their baseball games or dance recitals? Those times he bursts through the door holding a fresh bouquet of flowers to remind you of how much he loves you? Or maybe it’s just his willingness to provide moral support whenever anyone in your household needs a little pick-me-up.

Dads are a special breed, and because of that, they deserve special treatment on the one day of the year that’s all about them. To help you show your appreciation for the big guy, we’ve assembled some must-have Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad, husband, or father figure in your life who love to indulge in all sorts of treats.

For the snacking dad

Is your dad the kind of guy who’s always reaching into the pantry for a little something between meals? Then these snack-filled gift baskets will fill him with happiness this Father’s Day.

For the dad who has a hard time choosing between sweet and salty, get him the best of both worlds with our Deluxe Sweet and Salty Gift Box. Does your pops like jerky? I mean, really like jerky? Then the Jerky Gift Box is for him, with four different kinds of jerky, plus gourmet mustard for dipping. Our Deluxe Father’s Day Chalkboard Crate is filled with snacks and treats aplenty, and once the food is all gone, he can keep the wood crate as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

For the grilling dad

Does your dad like nothing better than standing over a hot grill and searing big slabs of meat until they’re cooked to perfection? Then these three gifts will keep him well-stocked all summer long.

Our Classic Grillers Collection includes all the beef he’ll need to feed his guests at his next barbecue: four top sirloins, four rib eyes, and eight burgers. To flavor all that meat, get him a whole bunch of sauces and rubs. Choose from nine different sauces, like chipotle barbecue or pineapple and three seasonings, like maple bacon or peppercorn.

And, of course, he’ll need tools with which to tend to that finely seasoned meat, so go ahead and order him a 4-piece Personalized BBQ Utensil Set, with his name and a custom message engraved on the spatula and fork.

For the dad with a sweet tooth

Here are some gifts for dads who just can’t get enough of the sweet stuff.

Our Splendid Sweets Father’s Day Basket contains an array of treats that have one thing in common: chocolate! As any chocolate lover will tell you, any time is a great time for truffles — but Father’s Day is even better, especially with our special collection of this delicious delicacy. The signature truffles box features six different flavor varieties.

If your dad is more into baked goods, then our Father’s Day Sweets Gift Box — with its assortment of cookies, chocolate bars, raspberry bars, and brownies — will be sure to satisfy his every sugar craving.

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