Having company over? In our “Hosting How-tos” series, we’ll teach you how to entertain like a pro. Follow our tips for hosting a “Friday Fright Night,” including making a “scare-cuterie” spread and playing game of Halloween-themed charades.

This month is all about the scary stuff: Ghosts, goblins, ghouls. Another thing that might seem frightening? Coming up with activities to keep guests entertained at a Halloween party.

Fortunately, we’re here to placate your fears by providing you with tips on how to host the ultimate “Friday Fright Night” for friends or family. Start by creating a “scare-cuterie board,” complete with your favorite sweet and savory foods, and then follow that up with a bone-chilling game of Halloween-themed charades.

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Make a ‘scare-cuterie’ spread

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days. Here’s how put a Halloween twist on these trendy food platters.

  1. Gather up your favorite meats, cheeses, and crackers, and set them out on a tray.
  2. Add a plate of sweets. And then another. And then some chocolate, for good measure.
  3. Don’t forget the snacks!
  4. You’re going to need something to wash down all that delicious food. Wine is the way to go.
Photo of scare-cuterie spread

Aaand, you’re done. Now, sit back and wait for your guests to arrive, and then observe the startled looks on their faces when they lay their eyes on this spooky spread.

Play Halloween charades

There are so many great things about charades. It’s a game that keeps everyone involved on every turn. It’s a game anyone can play, whether they’re 5 or 95. And it’s as much fun for the person acting out what’s on the card as it is for the people trying to guess.

Now, add in a holiday theme — in this case, Halloween — and you have yourself a whole cauldron full of fun. There is no way anyone is going to be able to keep a straight face when your BFF is acting out “being chased by a monster” or dad is pretending to be a mermaid.

When the hilarious hijinks are over, reach for some festive and flavorful snacks. After all, award-winning acting like that doesn’t come around every day, and you all deserve to reward yourselves with some treats that simply scream “Halloween.”

Photo of Halloween candy and treats

Click the button below to download the Halloween charades cards (if you dare).


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