Our series “A Gift for Giving” walks you through how to show your generosity and thoughtfulness to all the special people in your life. 

Every birthday is an occasion to celebrate, but big milestone birthdays are the ones we remember our whole lives through. They’re a rite of passage — a sign of life achievement. So, if someone you love is turning 16, 21, 30, or 50, then they’re deserving of a birthday present as monumental as the occasion.

Here are a few gift ideas to make every milestone birthday an event for the history books!

16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 16 is so exciting: You’re leaving your childhood days behind and are ready to take on your fun teenage years—filled with possibilities! Make her Sweet 16 even sweeter with these dessert-themed gifts.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 21 isn’t just about discovering yourself before you become a full-blown grownup; it’s also about indulging in the best things life has to offer! These gift ideas will really help your favorite 21-year-old let her hair down and enjoy her carefree days.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

As an established adult at 30, your loved one is likely juggling work, family, and a super-hectic schedule. Let her kick up her feet and take a mini vacation from her responsibilities on her special day with these easygoing gifts.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Just as wine becomes more delicious with age and brings families together to make memories, so does life at 50. These gifts give your loved one the finer things she desires on her 50th birthday: gourmet flavors and, more importantly, the love of family.


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