Whether you’re decades into your relationship or you just realized that you finally found “the one,” Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate your unique relationship with the one you love. What is it not time for? Dropping the ball on getting them a gift that fits their taste and represents the specialness of the bond you two share.

This Valentine’s Day, shower your loved one with the gift (or gifts) he or she not only deserves but will cherish. From sweet treats and classic floral arrangements to personalized keepsakes and shared experiences, here are 12 romantic Valentine’s Day gifts to get your one and only this Feb. 14.

Valentine's Day Gifts for New Couples: cookie decorating set

Nothing shows you care about someone more than spending quality time with them. Make your Valentine’s Day date extra special this year with a gift that doubles as a sweet couples’ activity. This cookie decorating kit comes with plain soft sugar cookies, frosting, and Valentine’s sprinkles — everything you need to make each other a yummy masterpiece (or several).

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: puzzle

2. A personalized puzzle

Turn one of your favorite memories (an unforgettable vacation, your wedding day, even an especially flattering selfie) into a fun and romantic activity with a personalized puzzle. Then, when you’re finished putting all the pieces together, frame your masterpiece for a special piece of wall art.

romantic valentines day gifts wolfermans breakfast basket

3. A sweet breakfast in bed

Start your V-Day on a sweet note by treating your loved one to a special breakfast in bed. This bakery basket is brimming with thick and fluffy muffins, fruity spreads, and heart-decorated pastries. After all, a true Valentine’s breakfast should taste like dessert.

romantic valentines day gifts sweetheart bamboo

4. Bamboo that shows how you feel

This elegant living heart-shaped bamboo is meant to bring good luck and fortune, something everyone’s valentine deserves. It will also add a vibrant splash of green to your love’s bedside table or desk long after the holiday is over.

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: personalized wine label

5. A thoughtful toast

Turn your favorite bottle of red or white into a treat for just the two of you with a personalized wine label. Every sip will taste like the nectar of the gods when you’re sharing a glass with your someone special.

romantic valentines day gifts chocolate covered strawberries

6. Extra special chocolate covered strawberries

Go over the top this Valentine’s with a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries that will exceed their wildest expectations. These ripe, juicy berries are coated in white and milk chocolate, and then garnished with chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, and red and white drizzles for extra crunch and Valentine’s Day pizzazz.

Valentine's Day Cookie Gifts Ad

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: message in a bottle

7. A message in a bottle

Pair chocolate truffles with a message from the heart tucked into a glass bottle for a truly touching — and creative — gift. This is especially perfect for the hopeless romantic who loves a bit of adventure.

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: home cooked meal

8. A home-cooked meal

Skip the competitive reservation game and instead prepare your loved one’s favorite meal at home this Feb. 14. You can also skip the grocery store and have your meatseafood, and vegetables delivered right to your door. Cap off your cozy night by firing up the fondue pot and feeding each other chocolate-dipped treats.

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: preserved red roses

9. Roses that last

Keep the romantic feels going long after February with a stunning display of preserved roses. Choose your loved one’s favorite color to brighten up her day and her space.

10. A love letter blanket

Wrap your valentine up in love with this full-sized blanket printed with a personalized love note. This gift goes beyond heartwarming; it’s head-to-toe warming (not to mention practical).

romantic valentines day gifts double heart pendant necklace

11. An interlocking necklace

Demonstrate just how connected you feel with a beautiful double heart pendant necklace. This is a piece of timeless jewelry she’ll never want to take off.

romantic Valentine's Day gifts: jenga

12. A personalized good time

If you and your valentine love playing games, you’ll positively get a kick out of this Jenga-style wooden tower game. You can write adventurous “truth or dare” messages or thoughtful reminders of what you love about each other on each piece. Every time you play will be a new bonding experience (until the tower comes crashing down).


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