All-Occasion Dessert Gift
All-Occasion Dessert Gift

Recently Cheryl’s held a company party for employees. As an employee of Cheryl’s for almost six years, this is something I look forward to each year.  We all had a lot of fun and there were plenty of food, prizes, games, and of course cookies for all of us.  Our company president was also there and spoke to us about the important role we as employees play in our company.

Leaving the party I (and I’m sure all of the other employees) felt rewarded and recognized. As a Business Gifts Account Manager I know Cheryl’s cookies are a great way to reward and recognize individuals just like our company party did.  What a great surprise to receive cookies for a job well done, or to recognize a special occasion in a person’s life.

We would love to hear about the stories in which you have sent Cheryl’s cookie gifts to recognize a special occasion in someone’s life whether it was a birthday, anniversary or a thank you.

Emily Kuhn, Account Manager
Current favorite cookie: Buttercream Frosted Key lime



  1. I love giving out Cheryl’s cookies even just one at a time to brighten friends’ days! A yummy buttercream cookie or brownie always puts a smile on my face!

  2. I send my Dad Cheryl’s cookies for Father’s Day and his birthday. He’s in his 80s and doesn’t need or want any ‘things’. He enjoys having a sweet treat from Cheryl’s to snack on in evening.

  3. Since I used to be an Ohio resident, I was well aware of Cheryl’s cookies. Now living out of state, I continue to send them to friends and relatives. My grandchildren love the buttercream frosted cookie club I give them every year–they freeze the cookies for their lunchbox and by the time they are having lunch at school, the cookies are thawed and ready to eat! I myself joined the brownie club–love those chocolate and apricot brownies. One of my favorite things is looking at the beautiful catalog which is expertly photographed and everything looks so yummy!! Beautiful packaging is a plus too. Thanks Cheryl!!

  4. Christie Krause Reply

    My brother passed away suddenly in Jan. 2010. My cousin sent my husband and I two dozen cookies as a sympathy present. It arrived at the perfect time. That night we had my parents over for dinner and had these cookies for dessert. We really enjoyed the variety and choosing our favorite ones. This really helped with our grieving. People always say good food helps when you are grieving and Cheryl’s cookies did just that for us.

    I now order them for all our family and friends. I have sent Sympathy, Birthday, new baby, and engagement assortments. Every person has called after receiving them to say how yummy the cookies are and how much they appreciated the gift. I love sharing this gift with other people.

    Thanks Cheryl’s and I will always be a loyal Customer from Indiana 🙂
    Christie Krause

  5. Shirley Stence Reply

    I received Cheryl’s cookies a few days ago and I must say that they were very tasty, Sincerely, Shirley Stence

  6. Patti Soderberg Reply

    I absolutely love homemade cookies and am always on the lookout for a good place to order on-line to send to my kids in college. After reading these comments, I decided to try the free sample pack of 6 cookies- (I “just” paid $6.99 for shipping). I was very disappointed. The cookies were very bland and the texture was so soft and crumbly that they fell apart when I tried to remove them from the wrap. I would not order again.

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