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It’s never too late to start a yearly tradition. Add some excitement and anticipation to your child’s first day of school by starting one (or all) of these traditions. It’ll not only be a great way to track your little scholar’s progress but will also make for some priceless memories and keepsakes you’ll want to hold on to forever.

Make a back-to-school time capsule


With each passing school year, your child learns, grows, and develops his or her own unique view on things while growing their list of likes and dislikes. Celebrate this growth by helping your child make a time capsule on the first day of school, and then join them on the last day of school as they dig it up and unwrap their memories! Such The Spot shares her take on this fun idea, including a downloadable questionnaire your child will love filling out.

Create and keep a first day of school interview


Each year on the first day of school, have your child fill out a back-to-school interview, with the same questions every time. Create a binder or scrapbook out of their answers, and on their last day of high school, gift them this binder for them to see how far they’ve come. Giggles Galore shared a printable interview to make this one fuss-free activity!

Stage a first day of school photo shoot…with chalk

Immortalize the memory of your child’s first day of school by staging a first day of school photo shoot!


Take a photo of your special scholar on their first day, sharing their hopes and aspirations. Create a chalkboard prop similar to the one made by Just Us Four so you can reuse it yearly for less fuss and more fun! Take one every year until they graduate (or become too stubborn to cooperate).


Have your child channel their inner artist with easily erasable and fun chalk like Paging Fun Mums did. Depending on their age, you may want to write their grade number, while having them write or draw out their future aspirations.


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