Our series “A Gift for Gifting” walks you through how to show your generosity and thoughtfulness to all the special people in your life. Picking out Easter gifts shouldn’t be hard, and this guide including cookies, chocolates, and flowers makes it even easier.

One of the most exciting parts of Easter morning is breaking into the Easter gifts and sweet treats the Easter bunny left. (Santa’s not the only one who delivers gifts in the middle of the night, you know!)

There’s something on this list for every bunny in the family, from kids to adults. No egg hunt required!

easter gifts with Happy Easter Gift Tin

Happy Easter Gift Tin

Nobody but nobody doesn’t love cookies (the rare triple negative!), so send that special somebody in your life an assortment of Easter-themed treats. These cookies come in an array of festive shapes, including adorable chicks, bunnies, eggs, and carrots, and spring-inspired flavors, such as pineapple mango, walnut carrot cake, and key lime white chocolate. It’s a gift that will please everyone you know.

easter gifts with Youve Been Egged Treats Gift Pail

You’ve Been Egged Treats Gift Pail

In the great tradition of “booing” and “elfing,” we bring you “egging.” This is the practice of dropping off plastic eggs filled with candy at a neighbor’s house, either in a basket or carton, or hidden around their lawn, and leaving a sign letting them know they’ve been “egged.” Of course, if you don’t feel like going through all that trouble, just send them this pail of goodies. You’ll still get the message across, and they’ll still enjoy the Easter treats. It’s a win-win for everyone.

easter gifts with Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket

Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket

Well after Easter’s over, the Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket continues to give kids something to hold onto. This Easter gift for kids, or kids at heart, has delicious Easter treats, such as malt ball mini eggs and an egg-shaped lollipop, that are paired with a cute egg-shaped marshmallow and plush sock bunny. The whole thing comes in a reusable felt basket that will help keep the eggs safe during the hunt later.

easter gifts with Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board

Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board

For that friend who’s a little too obsessed with the board trends, the Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board will surely please. Make dessert easy this Easter with six different kinds of frosted cookies, yogurt-covered pretzels, jelly beans, and nonpareils. The gift comes with a high-quality wooden board on which to display the array of tasty treats.

easter gifts with Youve Been Egged Easter Egg Carton

You’ve Been Egged Easter Egg Carton

If you’re someone who prefers to snack rather than hunt for eggs, then do we have the gift for you. The “You’ve Been Egged” Easter Egg Carton comes with 12 buttercream frosted cut-out cookies including a limited edition Easter design all arranged in an egg carton. Hide yourself away with this gift while the egg hunt is going on so nobody asks if they can have any.

easter gifts with Easter Gift Basket Grand

Grand Easter Gift Basket

Some people prefer subtle, understated gifts, while others subscribe to the “bigger is better” theory. This basket is for the latter. It’s brimming with everything from buttercream frosted cookies to jelly beans to a chocolate bunny to, well, more buttercream frosted cookies. It’s enough food to keep them snacking well into the summer. (Just remember to freeze what you don’t eat after five to seven days.)

easter gifts with Easter Truffles

Easter Truffles

Sweeten up anyone’s Easter Sunday with chocolate truffles. This mouthwatering seasonal assortment includes four each of dark chocolate blueberry, dark chocolate raspberry, strawberry milkshake, and white chocolate crème brulée, and another eight of classic milk chocolate truffles decorated as chicks. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves eating a pound of chocolate.

easter gifts with Deluxe Easter Family Snack Box

Deluxe Easter Family Snack Box

What better way to celebrate Easter than with treats from the orchard, artisan cheese and meats, chocolate goodies, and, of course, cookies? The Deluxe Easter Family Snack Box includes pears, dark chocolate-covered Moose Munch, and a solid milk chocolate bunny. For those who prefer savory snacks, tuck into Busseto Dry Salami con Vino, Thuringer sausage, two types of cheese, crackers, and sweet and spicy snack mix. Who needs Easter brunch when you’ve got all this?

easter gifts with Timeless Tulips®

Easter Tulips

Flowers and Easter go together like Han and Chewie. Wow that special someone with a vibrant Easter tulip bouquet. One look at it, and they’ll be smiling from ear to ear and that means they’ll think of you when they look back on their best Easter ever.


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