1. 25 Treats of Christmas Treats Box
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  • 4 Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies
  • 3 Snack Size Fudge Brownies
  • 3 Confection Pretzel Clusters
  • 3 Milk Chocolate Pretzel Clusters
  • 2 Snack Size Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 2 Snack Size Sugar Cookies
  • 2 Snack Size Chocolate Obsession Cookies
  • 2 Snack Size Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • 2 Snack Size Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies
  • 1 Buttercream Frosted Gingerbread Man Cookie
  • 1 Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out With Confection Disk Cookie
  • Box - 10 ½ X 7 ¾ X 2 1/8

Countdown to Christmas with our NEW 25 Treats of Christmas gift box! Each day building up to Christmas becomes extra special with delicious individually wrapped treats!  Your friends and family will enjoy flavors like buttercream frosted cut-outs, NEW gingerbread man cookies, a classic snack size cookie and brownie assortment, and sweet and salty pretzel clusters. To keep your cookies and treats fresh, please store them in the freezer and enjoy one each day as you are counting down to Christmas. Order for your friends and family and don’t forget to order for your own family fun! 25 pieces.

  1. 25 Treats of Christmas Treats Box