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Summer Fun Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Box
Summer Fun Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Box
Product Code: 94702

Summer Fun Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Box

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Looking for a super sweet gift that really says Have a Happy Summer? Treat someone sweet to an orchard-fresh green D’Anjou pear, a red D’Anjou pear, a crisp Fuji apple, a Frosted Sun Cookie, and Frosted Beach Ball Cookie and much, much more!

Green D’Anjou Pear
Red D’Anjou Pear
Fuji Apple
Granny Smith Apple
Fresh roasted salted mixed nuts 
Frosted Sun Cookie Frosted Beach Ball Cookie
Salt water taffy
Crunchy Nut Brittle

Godiva's iconic 19 Piece Assorted Chocolate Gold Ballotin Gift Box is the best of Belgian chocolate craftmanship that offers an irresistible assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates with classic fillings such as rich silky ganaches, creamy pralines, rich caramels, fruits and nuts.
  • 7.1 oz. Godiva® 19pc Gold Ballotin Chocolates Box
  • 1 Green D’Anjou Pear
  • 1 Red D’Anjou Pear
  • 1 Fuji Apple
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 3 oz Fresh Almonds and Pecans
  • 1 Frosted Sun Cookie
  • 1 Frosted Beach Ball Cookie
  • 3 oz Salt water taffy
  • 3 oz Crunchy Nut Brittle