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Graduation Party Gifts

Cookies gifts to celebrate graduation

Give your favorite graduate a delicious gift basket from Cheryl's cookies. Great for anyone of any degree level. High school, college, and post graduates will enjoy these party treats.
You Rock Gift Tin
The Ohio State University Gift Tower
Ohio State University Cookie Boxes
$34.99 - $44.99
The Ohio State University Treats Pail
The Ohio State University Cookie Pail
Toad-ally Awesome Treats Pail
Toad-ally Awesome Buttercream Frosted and Crunchy Cookie Pail
Toad-ally Awesome Gift Tin Assorted Cookies
Toad-ally Awesome Gift Tin Treats Assortment
Toad-ally Awesome Gift Tin Create your own Assortment
Toad-ally Awesome Treats Box
Happy Face Bow Gift Box
Happy Day Frosted Bow Gift Box
$43.99 - $56.99
Happy Day Gift Tower
Happy Day Treats Gift Box
Happy Day Cookie Gift Tin
Happy Day Treats Pail
Happy Day Cookie Pail
Happy Day Buttercream Frosted Gift Tin
Mrs. Beasley's® Large Basket
Mrs. Beasley's® Grand Basket
Mrs. Beasley's® Premier Basket
Gluten Free Bow Gift Box
$32.99 - $46.99
Create your Own Brownie Box
$42.99 - $69.99
Cheryl's Signature Bakery Sampler
$44.99 - $74.99
Create your Own Cookie Box
$34.99 - $249.99
Create your Own Cookie/Brownie Box
$36.99 - $159.99
Classic Cookie and Pretzel Gift
$24.99 - $44.99
Brutus Buckeye Cookie Card