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Buttercream Frosted Cut-outs plus BONUS Shortbread Cookies
Product Code: SPR19_213631

Buttercream Frosted Cut-outs plus BONUS Shortbread Cookies

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Regular Price$29.99 $19.99 $10.00 off

Product Details

  • 12 Buttercream Frosted Cutout Cookies
  • 12 Butter Shortbread Cookies
Our pastel buttercream frosted cut-out cookies arrive individually wrapped – perfect for sharing or serving! Your friends, family and co-workers will love receiving these delicious desserts delivered in our classic bow box.

BONUS OFFER: With each one dozen box of 12 cut-outs you receive 12 shortbread cookies for FREE! Our buttery crunchy cookies are made with pure sweet cream butter and real vanilla then lightly sprinkled with sugar and individually wrapped. It’s hard to eat just one! 12 buttercream frosted cut-outs & 12 butter shortbread cookies.