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Deluxe Halloween Cookie Dessert Box
Product Code: FAL20_210521

Deluxe Halloween Cookie Dessert Box

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  • 19 snack size chocolate chip cookies
  • 19 snack size oatmeal raisin cookies
  • 19 snack size chocolate chocolate cookies
  • 19 snack size sugar cookies
  • 12 buttercream frosted cut out cookies
  • 2 buttercream frosted cinnamon pumpkin cookies
  • 2 fudge buttercream frosted peanut butter cookies
  • 2 buttercream frosted butter pecan cookies
  • 2 buttercream frosted salted caramel chocolate cookies
  • 2 buttercream frosted devil’s food cookies
  • 2 buttercream frosted s’more cookies
  • Box-18 x 13 ¾ x 4
WOW! 100 individually wrapped treats! A must have cookie box for your Halloween party, college dorm room treats, the office staff or snacks for your own family. We’ve included a tasty Halloween combination of gourmet and snack size cookies. You will enjoy buttercream frosted Halloween sprinkled cut-outs, cinnamon pumpkin, butter pecan, salty caramel, devil’s food, and our NEW s’more cookies along with classic gourmet snack size cookies like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chocolate chip and old fashion sugar – 11 different flavors! Order your box today! OU D.