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Gluten Free Valentine Gift Tin
Product Code: VDY19_202061

Gluten Free Valentine Gift Tin

Surprise them with a Valentine gift tin filled with a delicious assortment of gluten free cookies and brownies. Enjoy our gluten free fudge brownies and chocolate chip, brownie walnut, snickerdoodle and buttercream frosted sugar cookies. Our gluten free cookies and brownies are produced in a gluten free facility. 18 cookies and brownies.
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  • 6 Gluten Free Buttercream Frosted Sugar cookies
  • 3 Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies
  • 3 Gluten Free Snickerdoodle cookies
  • 3 Gluten Free Brownie Walnut cookies
  • 3 Gluten Free Fudge brownies
  • Tin-  9 ½ x 9 ½ x 3 1/2