1. Holiday Elves
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  • 12 Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies
  • Elf - 3 x 14

Make the holidays special with our poseable plush Christmas Elves.  These cute elves are all dressed up for the holidays with their red tipped cap, striped leggings, and pointed shoes. The girl elf has braided pigtails and a red skirt. The boy elf is wearing a red Santa suit. Their arms and legs are poseable - set them on a shelf or mantle, pose them to hug a gift, or have them climb up a tree – perfect to start a fun-filled Christmas tradition by helping Santa manage his naughty or nice list. We’ve also included a delicious assortment of individually wrapped Holiday cookies featuring our buttercream frosted Holiday cut-outs. Each stands 14” tall. 12 cookies.

  1. Holiday Elves