1. Merry Christmas Cookie Pail
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  • 8 Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies
  • 2 Buttercream Frosted S’more Cookies
  • 2 Buttercream Frosted Peppermint Chocolate Cookies
  • 2 Fudge Buttercream Frosted Devil’s Food Cookies
  • 1 Buttercrram Frosted Gingerbread Man Cookie
  • 1 Buttercream Frosted Mint Chocolate Cookie
  • Pail - 7 X 5

NEW! Send a Holiday goodie pail filled with our buttercream frosted individually wrapped Holiday cut-out cookies, our NEW holly leaf and gingerbread man cookies, peppermint chocolate, s’more, devil’s food, and mint chocolate cookies. Guaranteed to bring holiday cheer to friends, family, and business associates! 16 cookies.

  1. Merry Christmas Cookie Pail