Hanukkah Cookies & Gifts

Blue & Silver gifts to celebrate Hanukkah!

Celebrate this 8 day festival of lights with delicious Cheryl’s buttercream cookies and desserts. Hanukkah gift baskets with dreidel shaped cookies, menorah cookies & more!
Create your Own Cookie/Brownie Box
$32.99 - $134.99
Mrs. Beasley's® Medium Basket
Cheryl's Signature Bakery Sampler
Mrs. Beasley's® Large Basket
Cheryl's Gift Tin - Create Your Own Assortment
Bow Gift Box - Classic Assortment
$31.99 - $179.99
Cheryl's Large Message Tray Box
Cheryl's Gift Tin - Assorted Cookies
Mrs. Beasley's® Premier Basket
Cheryl's Message Gift Bundle

Buy Hanukkah Cookies for Holiday Festivities

Part of celebrating Hanukkah is experiencing all of the delicious holiday food. Blue and silver Hanukkah cookies are a perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers, or yourself! Personalized Hanukkah cookie gifts help you and your loved ones celebrate the festival of lights with delicious treats that are designed to offer a wide assortment of options in different colors, styles, and flavors.

If you’re looking to buy Hanukkah cookies that really represent the holiday season, Cheryl’s personalized cookies are a great choice.

Hanukkah Sugar Cookies & More!

Our individually-wrapped Hanukkah sugar cookies, as well as other types of Hanukkah cookie flavors and shapes, such as dreidel and menorah- shaped cookies. Are you looking for a Hanukkah gift tower, tin, box, or gift basket? These Hanukkah cookie gifts can be sent to anyone on your list. Choose the gifts that best fit your friends and family, then have them delivered for a special holiday treat!

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